Fri 27 Jul 2018 3:28PM

Cooperative Commons Clouds

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These days we met with a good bunch of people at the Open.Coop 2018 and discussed CommonsCloud and other cooperative commons-oriented cloud platforms, like the happy-devs.fr team, Sophie from commons platform, Chris from WebArchitects and coops.tech. Today we had a breakfast, a panel discussion and later an open space breakout where we continued the discussion. We agreed that we should:
* work on mutually recognising accounts, so people with accounts on one node can logon with their account to other nodes. There is at least two layers to that:
** technically, bind LDAP accounts or recognise OpenID accounts or otherwise
** socially, put in place an Memorandum of Understanding with some minimum shared values (no exploitation of personal data, replicable tools...) between nodes of the federated network. This would also enable us to be stronger in communicating our networks.
* shared efforts in the selection of open standards, xmpp, ActivityPub have been mentioned
* shared efforts in the selection of tools (e.g. CommonsCloud.coop has started operations with Discourse, NextCloud, Phabricator plus LDAP directories, WebArchitects similar).
* shared development (NextCloud requires lots of improvements especially in the collaborative editing, so far CollaboraOffice has proven the best editor integration, but with issues...)
* sharing training materials
* sharing experience with sustainability models, strategies, ...
* providing alternatives to github: WebArchitects offers their cooperative instance of the Free Software gitLab under git.coop; CommonsCloud is using Phabricator
* apart from git, there are project management protocols that we should build into these platforms to make interoperability and migration a reality. How can Phabricator and other platforms incorporate those?

Let's use this thread to continue working on the concrete next steps of what we discussed. Looking forward to that!


[email protected] Fri 27 Jul 2018 3:42PM

BTW here's the slides that I presented.


Alexandre Bourlier Fri 27 Jul 2018 3:55PM

Thank you for creating this space for discussion Wouter.
It was a pleasure to meet.
I am very keen on converging as much as possible.
It was very energizing to meet several initiatives sharing a common vision.


Pamela John (Progressive Coders Network) Mon 30 Jul 2018 12:04AM

Was unfortunately unable to attend from Progressive Coders Network (US) but heard really wonderful things about the Open.Coop.2018 conference from ProgCode member John Evans (New Castle). Would it be okay for me to invite John to this group?


Alexandre Bourlier Mon 30 Jul 2018 7:21AM

Hi Pamela,

Of course John is most welcome here !


Pamela John (Progressive Coders Network) Mon 30 Jul 2018 8:06PM

Thanks @alexandrebourlier1, I'll send him an invite!


John Evans Mon 30 Jul 2018 8:59PM

(it's Newcastle)


Pamela John (Progressive Coders Network) Tue 31 Jul 2018 2:28AM

Hey!! Look who's already here! :heart:


Guillaume Mon 30 Jul 2018 7:28AM

Hi everybody & thank you for inviting me here :-) We'll work on some of these issues during the MMM fest a one week event, that we organize in France at the end of august, in a castle :-) You're welcome !
@alexandrebourlier1 in addition to the Solid workshop, some people are interested to organize another one around open source and self hosted groupwares, that might interest some happy devs ?


Alexandre Bourlier Mon 30 Jul 2018 7:34AM

That's exactly the topic @wouter and @chriscroome are working on.

Regarding Happy Dev, we host so far a Rocket Chat, an XMPP server, a SoLiD server as well as a Gitlab. So I guess we might have things to say, even though I am not sure I am the right person to talk about this particular topic :-)


Steve Huckle Mon 30 Jul 2018 10:58AM

I really enjoyed your presentation @wouter and @chriscroome - where do I sign up so I can use those resources?

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