Fri 12 Sep 2014 3:36AM

Get our hands dirty

JB James Bellamy Public Seen by 30

Get our hands dirty and start expanding our cycle network. GUERILLA stylish.

If you are keen and want to be apart of pulling the threads together to make this happen over the coming months. Give this the thumbs up (agree) and then we know who is keen and we can take our further communication elsewhere, under the radar, kinda.


Mark Fuller Sun 14 Sep 2014 4:19AM

Hey James,
Count me in on the Guerilla Gardening! I'm keen to help in the quest to take matters into our own hands.


James Bellamy Tue 16 Sep 2014 8:27AM


We have a waters engineer on board and hope to get Dean Scanlen as a bridge engineer on board to look at some of the bridges and how we can get paths under and over them, but hope in the next month to get our hands dirty.

I'll let you know when we plan to meet to discuss.

Thanks Mark.

Talk soon.