Event calendar invitation, free-standing

AH Adam Hardy Public Seen by 62

I want to send a calendar invitation to everyone on a thread. Quite often!

I currently have two options that I know about. Either I copy everyone's emails into my Google Contacts, create a Google Calendar event and add them all as attendees.

Or I can run a date & time poll on Loomio with one date & time option and end the poll immediately, checking the option to send invitations. This has two issues - one: it is impossible to change the scheduled time or date and two: it creates a bunch of clutter on the thread. (and three: it is a bit ham-fisted)

My ideal solution would be a Loomio comment that I can create with a date, a time and a resulting calendar invite to everybody, which can be rescheduled too.


Robert Guthrie Sun 11 Apr 2021 1:06AM

Thanks for posting, @Adam Hardy. Would you want the calendar event to support RSVP functions? So we have a time poll and an Event (or RSVP) poll.

I've wondered about this a lot. Ideally, if we can convince email clients to product "Attending", "Decline" buttons that when pushed update the poll on Loomio. Then it would mean no logging in or other barriers to voting.

Essentially we use calendar protocols to allow voting on polls.


Adam Hardy Sun 11 Apr 2021 1:47PM

Hmm, you're getting into real detail there. I use Evolution as the email client and it will accept a calendar invite, return the acceptance and stuff the event in my calendar. What Loomio could do with the reply is way beyond my knowledge level! Obviously it would be great if they were bundled up in an event rather than listed as part of the conversation.