Wed 23 Nov 2022 12:31AM

Did something just change WRT filtering?

JDC Justin du Coeur Public Seen by 45

I'm looking at my timeline this evening, and suddenly a large number of "Filtered" blocks have shown up on it. I can't click into them, so I have no idea why these are suddenly displaying.

I have two theories, and I'm not sure whether one or both is true:

  • It's something to do with us upgrading to 4.x. (Which yay, but I didn't see this when I was on mastodon.social, so I don't think that's it.)

  • We've just blocked a site that I was following a number of folks at. (Eg, mastodon.social.)

Any insights?


Ian Smith Wed 23 Nov 2022 12:50AM

Do you have any filters set up?


Justin du Coeur Wed 23 Nov 2022 1:43AM

No, not really my style to use filters, which is why this is so weird.

But here is a consistent bizarre effect: I just proved to myself that every time I favorite a post (the usual way, by clicking on the star), it gets replaced by that "Filtered" block. Which makes no sense, but experimenting has proved it. Still debugging, to see if I can learn more...


Justin du Coeur Wed 23 Nov 2022 1:52AM

Ahhh, okay -- I think theory 1 is kind of it. I realized that I hadn't reloaded the page since the 4.x upgrade. When I reload, the "Filtered" blocks go away, and are replaced back with the favorited messages they should have.

Best guess is that there is some sort of API incompatibility between the 3.5 and 4.0 releases, so that if you still have a 3.5 page open on the new 4.0 server, the "favorited" flag from the server is somehow misinterpreted by the client as "filtered". (That's just a guess, though: I don't know the code on either side of that fence, so I can't confirm or refute it.)


Calix Wed 23 Nov 2022 2:18AM

I heard about this from another person who had the interface open during a 3.5 → 4.0 upgrade.


Nic Wed 23 Nov 2022 1:41PM

I can confirm this. A thread of discussion with someone on another instance last night (post upgrade) now has 'filtered' blocking some of the posts. Checking my settings, I have no filters setup.


Sam Whited Wed 23 Nov 2022 1:44PM

It's a bug in the upgrade process; refresh and it should fix itself.


Nic Wed 23 Nov 2022 1:57PM

Thanks - that fixed it :)