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Pirate Labs

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Pirate labs are monthly work meetings: at the same time a project incubator and a way of staying in contact with pirates from other crews.

On this topic page, we discuss ideas for making them better! :rocket:

You're not familiar with labs? Check their main page on the wiki. They take place each month on a Saturday afternoon in Mechelen or Gembloux. They are currently organised according to the "internal democracy guidelines". Different topics are worked on by subgroups. These topics are defined this way: first they are proposed before the meeting on the event wiki page ; then they are finalised at the start of the meeting, on the first round table.
You have an idea for something to be done, and you need help? Labs are the place to be.


Valerie D. Sun 27 Aug 2017 7:36PM

A suggestion for labs, that has come out from a poll on the Belgian Pirates United facebook page, is to give each lab a theme. It is not clear though how this will work in practice.

But we propose to try on the next lab in Septembre. Proposed theme : Privacy. Another poll on facebook is checking if another would not be preferred.


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 4 Sep 2017 6:58PM

I guess the poll can be concluded now?

Its results are these :

  • Preparation next communal elections 2019. National messages Pirates 9 votes
  • Privacy 2 votes
  • Democracy 1 vote
  • Blockchain 1 vote
  • Basic Income 1 vote

I guess the results are pretty clear. Also I think the people who voted for the elections topic are more likely to be present in Mechelen than in Gembloux, so let's choose this topic?


Renaud Van Eeckhout Mon 4 Sep 2017 7:35PM

Also : is the venue already booked in Mechelen for the 30/09? I don't know who does that usually but if that person could do it, it would be very kind.


Valerie D. Tue 5 Sep 2017 8:00PM

let it be then... and let the voters come :)


Renaud Van Eeckhout Fri 8 Sep 2017 12:44PM

The wiki page of the event has been updated and the Facebook event created.


HgO Wed 27 Sep 2017 11:04AM

Ahoy !

So the Pirate Lab is this Saturday already ! You can put your suggestions for the agenda on the dedicated pad if you want. Anyhow, don't forget to read it before coming, since there might be useful information there also.

@josse Did someone book the venue (Expression) ? Could you confirm this ? Thanks !!


HgO Tue 3 Oct 2017 12:06PM

I've created the wiki page for the next lab : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/28_10_2017 ;) I didn't book the venue yet.

For those who were there this saturday, that would be nice if you could write a short report of your subgroups :) Thanks !

J'ai créé la page wiki du prochain lab : https://wiki.pirateparty.be/Pirate_Lab/Meeting/28_10_2017 ;) Je dois encore réserver la salle.

Pour ceux qui étaient là samedi, pourriez-vous écrire un petit compte-rendu des sous-groupes auxquels vous avez participé ? Ce serait cool :) Merci !


HgO Fri 27 Oct 2017 6:39AM

Hey !

This is a kind reminder for the next Pirate Lab which will take place tomorrow in Gembloux, at 2pm :) Don't forget to read the pad before coming, since suggestions for the agenda happen there ! You can also suggest topics you'd like to discuss tomorrow ;)

See you !

Hey !

Pour rappel, le prochain Pirate Lab aura lieu demain à Gembloux, à 14h :) N'oubliez pas de lire le pad avant la réunion, car c'est là que se trouvent les suggestions pour l'ordre du jour ! Vous pouvez également y suggérer des sujets dont vous aimeriez discuter demain ;)

À demain !


Renaud Van Eeckhout Sun 5 Nov 2017 1:18PM

The next Pirate Lab will happen in Mechelen, 25/11/2017, at 14:00.

Is the venue already confirmed?

Also, we do the labs usually the last saturday of the month. But for december, that would mean 30/12/2017. Do we keep that day, or do we report it in January (27/01)? I suggest we report it, unless some people here confirm they would come on 30/12.


Vincent Sun 5 Nov 2017 9:35PM

@josse , will we organize something in December (G.A, Social event,...) ? If we do, it makes sense to cancel the lab that month.

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