Fri 15 Jul 2016 4:24PM

Everything you need to know as a OuiShare Website Steward

F Francesca Public Seen by 82

As announced, we now have a list of official Stewards for each community and project page on the ouishare website! Here is the list of our stewards.

To make sure you can access this information at a later date, here's a quick overview on the role of stewards and the information needed to fill it.

What does it mean to be a steward?

Community/Project Page Steward = a person responsible for making sure their local community or project page is up to date on the OuiShare website to communicate its current activities externally. This does not mean the steward has to be the person who actually updates the page, but makes sure somebody or several team members do and that they have the information/website access they need to do so. As a steward, I advise you to put a reminder in your calender every 6 months to check in on whether your page is up to date.

What resources do you need?

All Connectors automatically have the editing rights for community pages, events and projects. If there are members in your team that need editing rights as well, let us know and we will make them "editors".

Easy steps to make a nice community page:

  • Update your introduction text. Link to any other channels of discussion you have, such as Facebook, Meetup etc.
  • Add a fun picture at the top to give your community page a welcoming face.
  • Link your current projects & upcoming events, so that the calender and the section "projects" become visible
  • Add "leading connectors", who are the main points of contact for new people

Check out the pages of Munich and Quebec for some good examples of what it can look like:

>> http://ouishare.net/en/community/3
>> http://ouishare.net/en/community/79

New Features coming soon

Based on all the feedback I received on needs of communicating about your local activities, here are the new features we will develop for community pages over the summer:

  • Custom HTML fields to be able to integrate: Twitter feed, local newsletter signup, social media buttons
  • Custom urls, so your url will be for instance: ouishare.net/barcelona
  • Sort list of communities in alphabetic order by country
  • Add world map of all communities (almost) confirmed: display recently active communities on the landing page
  • (in backend) Easily link a new event to your community page from the event backend (at the moment this only works from the community page)
  • (in backend) replace the buggy dropdown menus with an autocomplete when you want to add members and events to your page

Questions? Please ask in our slack channel #tech :)

thanks to everyone who has stepped up to take on the steward role <3


MAHE GOGUILLON Wed 20 Jul 2016 8:26PM

Thanks a lot @francesca for your complete and clear description :smiley:

A question : on the steward board, I saw my name in green. Is that means that I'm a steward or a potentiel one? And so do I complete the community page or I wait?


Francesca Sun 24 Jul 2016 4:05PM

Your name was green because I was waiting for your consent on being the steward. So if you are ok to do it, I will change the color! And yes you can go ahead and complete the page :)


MAHE GOGUILLON Mon 25 Jul 2016 7:22AM

Coucou. It's ok for me ! :smiley: