Mon 11 Dec 2017 2:27PM

CoTech sponsorship of events

M Mateus "Outlandish" Public Seen by 388

Hey Team! After being contacted by AfroTech about sponsoring their event next year, I've created a thread to discuss this and other potential events that we might want to sponsor.


Mateus "Outlandish" Mon 11 Dec 2017 2:40PM

As mentioned above we've been contacted by Xana at AfroTech to see if CoTech would be up for being a sponsor of the event, I've attached the sponsor packaged PDF for you all to take a look through.

Would we like to sponsor the event?
If so which package is right for us?

It could be a great use of the new funds.coops.tech site

Let me know what you think and I'll get back to Xana next week.


Jonathan Mon 11 Dec 2017 2:45PM

Personal response, haven't discussed with Webarchitects: Seems a good cause definitely worth support. Initial questions: (a) can I ask if/what you already know of the organisation and/or Xana? (b) Re the sponsorship amounts, have we got a budget of funds available and is this reasonable in those terms?


Mateus "Outlandish" Mon 11 Dec 2017 4:54PM

Hi Jonathan!

Thanks for taking a look at this and getting back to me.

I previously was unaware of both the organisation and their event. I did meet a couple of folks, at the SPACE4 Wednesday lunch last week, who are hosting a workshop in the 'Crypto' themed hub. Also, i think Leo posted a link to their event over in the discourse, that is all i knew before i spoke with Xana.

In terms of funds — if we don't get any objections on here, i'd like to run it on the fund.coops.tech and see how much coops can contribute and then take it from there.

The sponsorship packages range from 2.5k — 7.5k which is a fair bit of cash. So need to see what members feel is an appropriate level of sponsorship for the event.

We'd also need to look at covering the costs of the x2 delegates that would like to rep CoTech at the event.

Maybe a more general discussion on this thread is what type of events do we want to send delegates to rep CoTech, and do we want to sponsor as CoTech, what types of things do we want to do, and what we expect CoTech to achieve from sponsoring an event.

If there's owt else let me know i can always ask Xana directly if we need anymore info on it.



Chris Lowis (Go Free Range) Mon 18 Dec 2017 12:54PM

We certainly wouldn't object to you starting a cobudget proposal for this. I'm not sure how much, if anything, we'd be able to chip in at this stage. The £3,000 sponsorship level looks like it includes tickets for two delegates. If there are potential delegates interested I wonder if they'd be interested in talking about CoTech at the event (I don't know what the CfP process looks like).