Wed 2 May 2018 5:12AM

Empathy chat application

BW Bob W Public Seen by 308

A heads up about the possibility of having an empathy chat application that would match up empathy partners in real time.


Bob W Wed 2 May 2018 5:29AM

I spoke to a guy name Eric Lazarus today who is ready, given the right conditions, to revive and improve an empathy chat application called "NVC Link" that used to be available. Main features (from my vague memory):
* You go to the application and ask for an empathy partner. You configure it for your skill level, and the skill level of the person you're seeking (or something like that). Maybe you saw how long you want to connect for, or something like that? And name your language?
* As soon as someone is available that is a match, you're paired up. If a lot of participants are involved, the wait might be fairly short.
* You do empathy one-way (or perhaps an exchange?) depending on the agreement.
* It's anonymous (I think) unless you want to identify yourself.
* You can use if from your phone, computer or tablet (I think).

This doesn't exactly relate to the preVH, but I think it's a feature that is consistent with the intentions of the VH, and which could add to the experience of community, and of a valuable service being provided.

It would apparently take a few thousand dollars to develop. Which means we can't do it until we do some fundraising. But, as software development costs go, I think it's reasonable, and having used the previous version of the application, I think it would be a great addition to what NVC-O provides, by way of technology to support connection.


Sophie Varlow Wed 2 May 2018 7:37AM

Hi, is it related to this ome, or something different? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfssk32wZJSSx-Mlzo2Cl1JJvYc8TVUfybB0do4awXucM8bbQ/viewform
I am told that this was on the CNVC website, on 24th April.
Being developed by people called Milan and Evert?