What do we want to achieve?

RDB Richard D. Bartlett Public Seen by 15

What outcomes do people want from this collaboration?

Here’s a few that come to mind immediately - please add to the list!

  • scoping out API’s, standards, protocols etc. for online decision-making
  • articulating the technical requirements of different decision-making protocols
  • develop a multi-disciplinary shared understanding of the social/political/economic/technical implications of online decision-making
  • investigate options to resource turning this discussion into action

What else would you like to achieve with this conversation?


Dazza Greenwood Wed 31 Jul 2013 5:19AM

I'd like to suggest also focusing on some short term prototype-ready integrations of systems such as what we discussed on the eCitizenSalon with inquiry and loomio. I suppose that could mean identifying some dialog, deliberation and decision apps or sites that 1 can express themselves as a service, 2) could serve a useful aspects or capability or phase etc of a group's interactions and hence would have some value to bother integrating with other services using an API, and 3) ideally, that have open source code somewhere we can look at and work with and/or people who wish to collaborate to help integrate the code and to develop an interface (esp a REST interface) and collaborate on the broader API fueled open architecture vision/modelling/prototyping... In other words - let's be sure to ground conversation about API's and integrations with actual apps that have communities and some prospective reason to use the integrations...


Dazza Greenwood Wed 31 Jul 2013 6:20AM

Also, let's carefully and deeply engage the question: how can deliberately collaborating on setting criteria via the inquiry system help participants clarify what's important and relevant according to a common vision as we work out how to approach and scope and API based open architecture.. One of the things I'd like to achieve in this forum is using online tools in combination such that - at least in some modest way - we have anticipated and modeled an aspect of the end-state deliberative service-oriented ecosystem from the very start. Time for some dog food feasting...