Thu 7 Jul 2016 2:57PM

OuiShare as IPDB Caretaker - Blockchain Database

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Dear Ouishareans, this is a proposal to become a partner of an experiment and explore the field of Blockchain in a very concrete way.

Below you find some introductory information, and I'm also happy to discuss and answer questions together with Greg McMullen (he was a speaker at OSFest16 and is CEO of IPDB).

Warm hugs, Joachim

OuiShare as IPDB Caretaker

What is IPDB?
IPDB is the Interplanetary Database - a planetary-scale blockchain database that anyone can use. It is also a membership-run not-for-profit association.

Who can use IPDB?
Anyone can use IPDB. Most users will be able to use it for free, while heavy users will bear the cost of the network by paying fees set by the Foundation on a cost-recovery basis.

What will it be used for?
IPDB is infrastructure for the decentralized internet. The benefits of decentralized technology like blockchains will be seen in many areas, but we think IPDB is especially suited to intellectual property, identity, energy, supply chains and logistics, and IOT applications. The problem is that traditional blockchains like the Bitcoin blockchain don't scale for use as databases, and they're not queryable. IPDB is based on BigchainDB's scalable blockchain database technology, meaning we can build those applications today rather than down the road when traditional blockchains can scale.

How will IPDB be funded?
We are exploring options for this. Ultimately we want IPDB to be self-sustaining through fee-for-service on a cost-recovery basis to its heaviest users. However, to get the ball rolling, we are exploring options for crowdfunding, traditional funding from granting organizations, and donations from benefactors.

What’s in it for Ouishare?
Many Ouishare projects can benefit from having this infrastructure available to them. By becoming an IPDB Caretaker, Ouishare can help steer IPDB’s priorities to meet the priorities of Ouishare projects.

What will Ouishare have to do?
Caretakers in IPDB do two things: 1. Run a validating node that automatically approves or rejects transactions on the network in accordance with the BigchainDB consensus algorithm; and 2. participate in the governance of the IPDB Foundation by electing a board, voting on new Caretakers, and voting on other matters.

There will be three stages in the next few months:
1) Agreement to allow IPDB to list Ouishare as a Caretaker in the network.
2) Participation in governance meetings and discussions.
3) Operating a cloud-based “node” in the network.

Agreement at this stage is only a commitment to the first stage, and Ouishare could withdraw at any time — although we hope it won’t!

I want more information?
Look no further:

IPDB Foundation main page: https://ipdb.foundation/
IPDB Foundation Twitter: https://twitter.com/ipdb
Video - IPDB launch talk by Trent McConaghy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5ulWkmmGiw Slides: https://t.co/LYa7KbCI3p
Video - Decentralized Web Summit talk by Alberto Granzotto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfWgin3JlAU&feature=youtu.be&t=7h8m31s


Benjamin Tincq Thu 7 Jul 2016 3:34PM

sounds cool @joachimlohkamp1 but regarding implications:

  • Run a validating node that automatically approves or rejects transactions on the network in accordance with the BigchainDB consensus algorithm >> who would do this? would one of us have to run an IPDB node on his computer? would we have to pay for server costs?

  • participate in the governance of the IPDB Foundation by electing a board, voting on new Caretakers, and voting on other matters. >> would you take the lead on this?

Lastly, can you remind me the difference between IPDB and IPFS?


Joachim Lohkamp Thu 7 Jul 2016 4:53PM

thx Ben!
- running an own Ouishare node is a bit down the road. we have the possibility to opt in when the time has come. the node would be a server which could be a simple instance in the cloud.
initially there is no cost involved for Ouishare. the business model is still open to be decided on. But the general idea is that the costs are carried by heavy users. for individuals, small projects and Ouishare it would be free.
- I would volunteer as a Ouishare rep, but this is of course open for any one interested of course and we could do it together. As recent DAO events showed Governance is mega important in these type of projects - a strength we as Ouishare could contribute
- IPDB is like a sclable Blockchain - a ledger, while IPFS is a file system for addressable content - instead of location based a link points to the content instead of a server (location) also iIPFS has more or less no privacy/security - they are complimentary.


Francesca Fri 8 Jul 2016 11:44AM

very cool project @joachimlohkamp1, I think it is great if we join and see down the road how to do steps 2 and 3. I am totally happy with you taking the lead for now on being OuiShare's representative in the governance.


Jocelyn Ibarra Fri 8 Jul 2016 12:29PM

I'm in as well, @joachimlohkamp1 !


Manuela Yamada Tue 12 Jul 2016 1:05AM

Nice project @joachimlohkamp1 !


Maud Fri 29 Jul 2016 2:46PM

interesting project to follow :-)


Joachim Lohkamp Fri 19 Aug 2016 9:43AM

this is an update on this project:
the first Caretakers meeting will be held on October 13-14 here at BigchainDB in Berlin.
please get in touch if you are interested to take part.
IPDB also will add Ouishare officially to the group caretakers.
Happy summer everyone :)


Francesca Fri 16 Sep 2016 9:43PM

thanks for the update Joachim!