Wed 8 Mar 2017 4:50AM

Love feedback on idea to allow AnyShare to make software to build our own Twitter like platform

ED Eric Doriean Public Seen by 87

Hi all,

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Eric Doriean and I'm a Co-Founder of AnyShare - https://anyshare.coop

We're a US based Cooperative, that 2 months ago launched a saas product to enable communities and groups to unlock their abundant value.

We've noticed so far that our customers users, sign up maybe add 1 or 2 entries, but there isn't really stickiness, to keep them coming back.

For that reason, we're thinking about adding the ability, to be able to add text entries. Probably 150 characters like a tweet.

Would love to hear what people would think about either creating a Coop and using our software to power it, or general thoughts on whether you like, dislike the idea. Especially would be useful if you or someone you know would like to use this.

I've added a few mockups of what we're thinking for the add entry process and a masonry view to display the entries. We currently only have a list view.

You'll notice in the grid view Loomio, proposals and discussion. The idea there would be to integrate a Loomio group as well, to become a portal for a community or group.

Any help from our Platform Cooperivism friends would be most appreciated.



Oli SB Thu 16 Mar 2017 3:30PM

Hi @eric13
some quick feedback for you:
The masonry view looks cool - but a nice to have, a simple list view is fine imho
Making posts: I like the idea of the "exchange" concept, but would concentrate on simple posts to start with.

My suggestions (based on what I posted as part of PLANET https://open.coop/2017/01/10/planet-open-source-operating-system-collaborative-sustainable-economy/ ) would be to:

Incorporate a requirement for people to post with geographic "Relevance" (to help cut through the noise. i.e. if your having dinner in NY it's not relevant to me if I live in London) - see the "NEW POST" screenshot

And also to enable people to follow others for specific tags (as well as All tags, if they like) again, to help cut through the noise (i.e. I would definitely want to follow you for #coop but wouldn't want to follow you for #trump) see the "NEW FOLLOW" screenshot

These two, fairly simple additions, would imho make for the beginnings of a new, extremely attractive, open source social network, to rival FB and Twitter, by providing better functionality.

Personally, I believe, something like the above would be the best starting point to creating a cooperatively owned 'cloud' / collaborative web...

Hope that's useful!?