Thu 27 Jan 2022 3:42PM

Falmouth Council Funding for Herbs + Perrenial plants

F Finn Public Seen by 13

Hi SG,

The new herb garden would like to buy some herb plants to colonise the new bed and i'd like to start establishing perrenial crops (e.g Rhubarb, Currants, Asparagus, Strawberries and Raspberries) in the new growing area to provide abundance in the future years.

I thought the Falmouth Town Coucil funding pot would be a good pot to apply for funding for these things as theyre simple, relatively low cost, and tangible!


Im happy to try get the funding application going on this as long as we are all happy for it to be for this perrenial goodness!

Let me know,

Cheers, Finn


Duncan Thu 27 Jan 2022 5:25PM

Thanks Finn, Penryn do a similar scheme and rarely get applications. Don't think there's a rule against going for both ..



Sally Fri 28 Jan 2022 9:35AM

Yes brilliant! Let's go for both, happy to help with applications :o)