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6/11/18: What’s RETech’s role Rebuilding the Supply of Affordable Housing

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Fannie Mae & MIT are hosting an event on Rebuilding the Supply of Affordable Housing, Monday, 6/11 — LIVESTREAM starting at 9am. Highly recommend watching their 3:44 minute video on their landing page and invite feedback about what's included, omitted in this brief introduction:


Will hold further comment until others have a chance to respond. If you were on this panel, what would you say about RETech, big data / personal data, and rebuilding affordable housing?

Participants in this thread are spread out -- any of you working on apps or aware of innovations in the Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, New York or elsewhere in the US / world that are part of the solution?

  1. What looks promising?
  2. Alternatively, what are the barriers to affordable housing innovation?
  3. How might you / we cocreate with Fannie Mae to address them?
  4. What kind of research would you like MIT to conduct?
  5. BILLIONS are going into RETech, PropTech, will we see the emergence of #AffordableHousingTech?
  6. Can, should Boston take the lead? How?

Thomas Hardjono will be on the 10:30am panel Monday talking about "Innovation’s role in housing affordability" from his perspective at MIT Connection Science & Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative.

Looking forward to his comments, TweetUp afterwards?


Bill Wendel Mon 11 Jun 2018 9:36PM

For Tweetstream, search Twitter for #InnovateHousing or visit: http://new.twazzup.com/?q=%23InnovateHousing