Fri 15 Mar 2019 10:32AM

More support

JG James Green Public Seen by 159

I want more support. There has been no dialogue with the people who blocked me a year ago. Ceri Buck, Jo McHale, Jean McElhaney, Jeannine Suurmound, Ray Taylor, Melanie Gold, Shana Deane, Leonie Smith and many more.

I want support in having a dialogue. This conflict began in the Overcoming Patriarchy call and facebook group and there has been no dialogue. I am still blocked from all the groups. And I'm being blocked from new groups that are being created. And I'm still being accused in public of making rape and murder threats.

I want more support!


Lori Loranger Sat 16 Mar 2019 1:43AM

Hi James. I don't know any of the people you listed, nor am I familiar with any of the groups involved, but i am happy to give you whatever kind of support I can. What would support look like for you right now? Do you want to "vent" or talk it through? A facilitated conversation with specific individuals? Something else?