Fri 23 Dec 2016 7:27PM

Funding the trust

TP Tina Pope Public Seen by 277

We have had a number of people contact us saying they want to donate to the trust rather than Raima. We have no mechanism to receive funds. Thoughts?


Mark Amery Fri 23 Dec 2016 7:43PM

I think we set up another givealittle page ASAP don't need to promote it but put on website . Main issue is it needs a bank account that is clearly not personal perhaps can the company have one? maybe I need to email givealittle and get their advice a to whether a personal account but which is in the PHT name would do it


Peter Handford Fri 23 Dec 2016 7:46PM

Have been thinking about this. Basically the trust needs to somehow amass a capital fund. This will allow us to get started with investment projects that meet our objectives and carefully grow the fund over time. So early contributions to building this fund would be good.

We don't want to create competition with seeking funding for raima now though. Suggest we set up account and allow people who specifically request - to contribute to that. But don't publicise this untill raima situation further resolved.


Mark Amery Fri 23 Dec 2016 8:07PM

agree re raima pete - but thinking doesnt need to be promoted - though if its operational anyone can share it. PR wise might be best to have set up to go early in the new year?


Liz Kennedy Fri 23 Dec 2016 7:59PM

A bank account?


Mark Galbraith Fri 23 Dec 2016 8:59PM

Yes I agree a bank account. However needs to be separate from the company as I think the company is a project of the trust not the trust itself.


Mike Stringfellow Sat 24 Dec 2016 11:25AM

I assume we can set up a bank account under any name?


Mark Amery Wed 28 Dec 2016 5:37AM

Looks like we are fine for one of us to set up a bank account under the name of Paekakariki Housing and recieve Givealittle funds. From the answer to my query: If you are setting up a page to fundraise for costs of setting up the trust then you can have the funds going into a personal bank account. If you want funds going into the trust account then you will need to have a bank account in that name set up to receive funds. and we will need proof of address in the name of the trust also.

If you are wanting to set up an organisation page then we will definitely need all documents in the name of the trust and we wont be able to moderate the page until they are received.