Pirate meetup 05-08-2018

KVM Kannan V M Public Seen by 206

Agenda: To discuss about,
1. Next Pirate Cycling
2. To discuss about starting a camapign about Aadhaar
3. To start a camp for Pirates to study about Dalit Issues.


  1. Discussed about the need of a framework for Indian Pirates. Indian pirates already had a basic structure and everyone agreed to continue with it.
  2. The need for a self education about Dalit issues for pirates was agreed and decided to contact those who are active in dalit issues.
  3. The need for Pirates to have direct interactions with issues is agreed, the suggested methods are
    • Pirate Cycling and Public Talks
    • Giving Training Sessions
    • Volunteering to find solutions for public needs as part of this, it was decided to look at Computer and IT training needs of a village in Athirappilli. Hafis will be calling respective officials to arrange a meeting for that.
  4. A campaign on AADHAAR is decided, a Pirate meetup to design the structure and the contents was decided to conduct at Thrissur, further details will be updated in Loomio.
  5. Strategies to digitalize the marketing for forest products collected by tribal was discussed.