Wed 14 Oct 2020 6:36AM

Intellectual Property Discussion

JE Jason Emmins Public Seen by 22

Recently we have been having a few discussions around intellectual property and what this may/may not mean for Jeder. We would like to "protect" (one of a better word) some of the property we develop but at present there is no "protection" from an organisational perspective. Some frameworks/legal concepts thrown around at the moment are Trademark, Copy Right and Creative Commons Licences. Is it time Jeder starts to explore this more and who would have knowledge they would like to share about this topic?


Lisa Zulfiqar Thu 15 Oct 2020 5:11AM

Interesting, sorry no knowledge at all on these matters.


Michelle Dunscombe Thu 15 Oct 2020 10:42AM

I would need more context of "Intellectual Property" and would prefer to embrace our Spirit of Generosity pillar and use Creative Commons - https://creativecommons.org/faq/#what-is-creative-commons-and-what-do-you-do


Jason Emmins Sun 18 Oct 2020 7:54AM

Thanks Michelle, the context is a few members have raised concern regarding members who join Jeder and then leave shortly after and take our practices, documents, guides etc and use them in their own business/organisations without reference to its source or acknowledging Jeder Institute. We have been discussing the Generosity of Spirit and feel there is something a bit more we may need to consider to "protect us" as an organisation. I have had a quick look at the Information about the Creative Commons and will do some more investigating- it sounds like a nice way to ensure we have transparency.

Does this help out?


Dee Brooks Sun 18 Oct 2020 10:46PM

I've wanted to put our stuff on CC for years! Could be a good push to get it done!

Also, once our guidebooks are all online, people can grab them anyway - are we being too sensitive? We take a heap of stuff from other online guidebooks?


Michaela Kennedy Sun 25 Oct 2020 8:43AM

I like the creative commons idea and this would put all our stuff out there to be available for others to use while still recognising our work. Thanks for bringing it up.