Sat 7 Jul 2018 2:24PM

Logo Design

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Want to pick a logo to help represent us as a community


Guido Stein Sat 7 Jul 2018 2:29PM

I am working with a cartoonist on designing the OSGeo Logo for OSGeoUS. Here is what he has so far. I told him that we wanted a logo that was about the US, but not the flag waving... something more welcoming. Personally I am all about the apple pie, but he has added some other ideas.

I think the one I like the most is the simple apple pie overview with an X. It's like a simple marker with meaning. The apple pie with heat lines may be a little too on the nose and people who didn't know would wonder... why the pie... which may not be bad either... the hatched pie is just too much. I could also be appy with the covered wagon.


Guido Stein Sat 7 Jul 2018 2:29PM

Also, the icon is still up for grabs, if you have an idea you would like me to have the cartoonist work on, let me know.


Sheeri Kritzer Cabral Sun 8 Jul 2018 1:21AM

I feel like the covered wagon, while fun for the Oregon Trail crowd, can be a reminder of colonialism and how we moved west and stole land.

I’d go for the apple pie.


Guido Stein Sun 8 Jul 2018 3:38AM

Good point point about the colonialism. "Manifest Destiney" is basically the white privilege of it's day and the whole american dream thing seems to really miss the point that you should not step on others to get ahead. (https://www.history.com/topics/westward-expansion)

That said, the covered wagon was a tool for families and communities to move forward in search of a better life in the "wilds" of the west. This is not unlike how some see open source, adoption of open source is like traveling into the "wild" community. Perhaps we can think of the covered wagon as a symbol of our taking our community beyond the western front and into a new land where everyone should have the opportunity to use the land (tools) to grow their futures.

I know this is all super idealistic and simplistic, but the america I thought I knew growing up was one of opportunity and prosperity for all. I think it's important that we correct the facts and be clear about the mistakes made in history, but it is important not to loose touch with the story could be and how we could take it forward.

That said, Apple Pie is also an interesting myth and symbol for representing America ( https://www.huffingtonpost.com/Menuism/why-are-we-as-american-as_b_6227462.html ), which also includes western expansion. It's a little less controversial, but it doesn't represent moving forward as much as it does being happy with what we have. Apple pie on the other hand is way more fun to brand and use in marketing and events. I think a apple pie eating contest would be awesome as well as a apple pie/raspberry pie bake off.

As far as a symbol for the OSGeo.US goes, I am still very open to other ideas, we will vote on them later.

Question though... how do people feel about the statue of liberty? I fear that this may bring up some Trademark issues or perhaps be thrown back in our faces around our current administrations treatment of foreigners... but She is awesome.



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Please vote for your favorite logo, I need to make some cards to share when we go to events or support events.


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Guido Stein Wed 8 Aug 2018 2:59PM


I like the idea of spreading OSGeo across the US


Randal Hale Thu 9 Aug 2018 7:00PM


Here's my comment - stick some form of US something in there (flag, star, something). When we get through this dumpster fire presidency - A logo beyond a horse, wagon, bird poop, pie, waffle would make more sense.


Guido Stein Thu 9 Aug 2018 2:22PM

Hey folks, can you please fill in the pole for design, I want to make cards for events and I like the idea of having our completed logo. Or our first logo, this can change down the road.


Kurt Menke Sat 11 Aug 2018 6:10PM

While those are interesting ideas, I think it needs to have a more common American icon such as the flag, a star, an eagle or the statue of liberty. Since we are about inclusion I don' t think we need to concern ourselves with the current administration and their policies on immigration.