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Can someone go through the gmail "sent" file and see what's happening there? Someone is giving cryptic responses to inquiries. We has an upset distraught heartbroken message on the FB page from someone who wanted to present.

Who will work on this repair with me ?


Jackie Thu 1 May 2014 2:37AM

can we get a little emoticon with steam coming out of the ears?

I think we need an admin group/email team subgroup discussion. this goes to communication flow and the discussions we had

transparency: there are 4 people with pw to natgat2014@gmail as far as I know + Brian who set it up and not active anymore. Trica, Sally, me, Mary Magdela (Allstr33ts).


Jackie Thu 1 May 2014 4:00AM

can I get a clarify on those?

If anyone would like to help admin the public facing email, [email protected] ([email protected]),
ask one of the above admins for pw. Traffic is low atm, but could pick up a lot now that more info is getting out.
here's some guidelines for how to maintain.

sign up here for any admin task
NG3 Admin Tasks Spreadsheet


Sally G Thu 1 May 2014 4:16PM

I have not been as active in that as I should; will pick up today.


Jackie Thu 1 May 2014 4:28PM

empty right now, Sally - no worries

what you could do when you have time is get that volunteer response (or was it speakers response) in there as a canned response.

directions for canned responses here:


Tricia Thu 1 May 2014 6:40PM

Thanks S&J, it's awesome how hard you guys work.

Happy May Day!