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I think it would be nice with some julpynt. Anyone want to volunteer? There is a TV still in the place. I had a maybe silly idea that we should put of a video of a fire on it or something like that. Any other ideas? The main thing is we need to get some tables and chairs in the place - there are some left but not enough. I know our brf (Sturegården) has some collapsible chairs for use for parties which I can take. Anyone else got access to any?


Malena von Huth Mon 1 Dec 2014 2:02PM

We can borrow 20 chairs and 3 tables from our brf Klostergården (Sjöhuset) . We need to be 2-3 people carrying back and forth.
I can ask the board tomorrow evening.


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We borrow furniture from brf Klostergården (lokalen i Sjöhuset). I can arrange this but I need 2-3 people to help me carry.


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Malena von Huth
Mon 1 Dec 2014 2:15PM

The furniture are close to Sjökrogen


Malena von Huth Mon 1 Dec 2014 2:14PM



Ben Kenward Tue 2 Dec 2014 8:12AM

I can help carry also.