Three Words: Patriarchy, Evolution, Revolution.

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What is the relationship between the Biblical "patriarchs" and patriarchy?
What is the relationship between general and biological change, and evolution?
What is the difference between incisive political-economic change, and revolution?


elaineX Sat 13 Sep 2014 7:23PM

and who posted this question? the nsa?

there is no relationships between those two concepts of "patriarchs" except the one that every individual gives to it within their own experience with it.

the other two questions really don't make sense to me.
evolution is change -- general or biological, i would say, among other dimensions.

revolution needs to be defined (in what context) to have that last one be a real dialog of substance.


Sally G Sun 14 Sep 2014 1:27PM

@elaineclermont you can find out who started a discussion on the top right—in this case, it was Sea (@oswgwhe)
The questions are similar to issues raised in another discussion; I don’t really see how they relate to the NatGat project other than in the most general, sociological terms.