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Future Of Real Estate Tech: What's Next In Exploding New Ecosystem

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The Future Of Real Estate Tech: How We Got Here And What's Next In An Exploding New Ecosystem


Love the reference to the "Exploding New Ecosystem" in the Forbes guest contribution above because it speaks to the question at the heart of #RE2020: "What will the real estate ecosystem look in the year 2020?

That question will attract different responses from #REStartUps working on sustaining vs disruptive innovations, but #RE2020's goal is to deliver $30 billion annually in consumer savings as reflected in our response to the article via Twitter:


Let's continue the discussion below and at upcoming events. Here's a quick overview of selected events in the pipeline, watch for more detail and share / propose your own events on Loomio:

  1. 3/16-18/18: 1st Annual Computational Law & Blockchain Festival
    Registration closed, but some sessions maybe livestreamed
    If any of the three #HousingID / real estate use cases submitted attracts a Hacking team, glad to share daily over beer (aka #REonTap_ at Mead Hall in Kendall Square or other venue selected by MassLegalHackers
    Follow #CLBFest on Twitter

  2. 3/21/18: RETech Networking by Wizio
    Invite @johnpuma & @devongrodkiewicz1 provide more info

  3. 3/24-25/18: Harvard Real Estate Weekend

  4. 3/26/18: Hackathon: Driving Digital Innovation in Identity

  5. 4/2-3/18: 25th Anniversary of Consumer Revolution in Real Estate
    If consumer advocates & innovators have been talking about a revolution for 25+ years, why is real estate still the sleeping giant of the consumer movement? Can RE2020 extract lessons -- #SmartFailing-style -- by revisiting the sessions listed on the original agenda from this two-day event in 1993? Watch for podcasts, guest retrospectives, maybe more than one housing / real estate hackathon or unconference and Follow #ConsREv25 before the Realtors arrive in Boston for their annual convention, Nov. 2-5.


  6. 4/24-27/18: Boston Blockchain Week
    Fourteen events (and more forthcoming) from an extraordinary list of partners. Should RE2020 host a blockchain in real estate event of some kind? Let's gather some ideas below and then post a poll.
    Follow #BosBlockchainWeek on Twitter

  7. 5/21-23/18: MIT World Real Estate Forum


Bill Wendel Wed 21 Mar 2018 2:57PM

Hi @johnpuma, Is the networking event still on for this evening? if so, can you post a link if you'd like others to attend? Will @devongrodkiewicz1 be joining the gathering in person or virtually?


Christopher Page Wed 21 Mar 2018 3:09PM

Hi Bill -- can you remove me from this email list, or let me know how I can remove myself?



John Puma Wed 21 Mar 2018 4:15PM

@billwendel We will be rescheduling the event to get more attendees due to the storm.


Bill Wendel Wed 21 Mar 2018 4:18PM

Thanks for the update John. As a consolation, hope fellow RETech innovators are tuning into MIT's Faculty Forum session on blockchain online for another 25 minutes or so.