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NIOP Phase III - Produce Footage for NIOP Video Series, Q-C Adapters & Continued NIOP R&D

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# Description of Proposed Project:

During our execution of the NIOP Phase II scope, we were blindsided by the coronavirus pandemic, causing us to have to initially postpone, and ultimately cancel the original NIOP assembly video shoot this spring.  All the monies that were used for deposits for travel and expenses were returned in full to the Enable Fund.

The $2500 originally allocated to shooting the NIOP video series in Phase II, will now be used towards me running a skeleton crew to produce the raw video footage for the following NIOP videos:

  1. Introduction to the NIOP System (Suitability, Potential Candidates, etc)

  2. Selection of Devices for Specific Recipient Anatomies

  3. Using OpenSCAD Menus for Customizing NIOP Devices

  4. Terminal Devices (Kwawu hand, Gripper hand, NIOP Hook, and Quick-Change Wrist Pin)

  5. TR Assembly Video - Printing and Assembly for Long and Medium Length Transradial Cases  (Below/Elbow)

  6. TR-S Assembly Video - Printing and Assembly for Short Transradial Cases  (Below/Elbow)

  7. TH Assembly Video - Printing and Assembly for Long Transhumeral Cases  (Above/Elbow)

  8. TH-S Assembly Video - Printing and Assembly for Short Transhumeral Cases  (Above/Elbow)

  9. Tips for Building Devices with only One Hand

The original shoot was planned to be done over the span of just a few days with a very intense shooting schedule that was prone to upsets with so much planned in such a short time frame.  The new plan will take longer and have a more methodical approach, with me personally doing the set up and camera work, but is still very feasible and our best alternative given the situation with the pandemic. 

Additionally, as featured in the winter 2019/20 e-NABLE newsletter, the Quick-Change (Q-C) Wrist Pin is already available for printing, and allows the NIOP arm system to be able to quickly exchange terminal devices so the wearer can easily switch their hand for task specific adapters and then back again. 

The NIOP design team will now concentrate on making a selection of adapters for sports and activities that can work with the Q-C Wrist Pin, as well as an Assembly Manual for it that will be added to the NIOP Guide app.

# Expected results/impact:

In addition to the video series outlined above, with Phase III of the NIOP development the greater e-NABLE community can also expect to gain:

  1. Expanded NIOP Guide documentation 

    1. Assembly Manuals for the 

      1. Q-C Wrist Pin

      2. Humeral Conductor 

      3. Radial Conductor 

    2. Detailed Printing Instructions for all modules included in the NIOP TR, TR-S, TH, and TH-S Arm Configs.

  2. Sports & Rec Adapters to fit the Q-C Wrist Pin

    1. Pool Shark adapter (variation of a bridge for playing pool)

    2. Power Rope adapter (for heavier-duty activities like pulling and two-handed tools)

    3. RoadRunner bike adapter (variation of the RoadRunner adaptive device for riding a bike)

    4. Violin/Cello Bow Holder adapter (variation of Shea’s bow holder)

    5. Yoga Hand adapter (mushroom-shaped for push-ups, gymnastics, and yoga)

    6. more in development

  3. Continued Prosthetic & Orthotic Development 

    1. Continued R&D and improvement of existing NIOP product line including several versions of the Kwawu Bionic arm with improved controls

    2. Seeking to create Bionic versions of all key modules, to be able to create a modular bionic arm system similar to the current body-powered NIOP Arm Configs 

    3. R&D for Prosthetic Leg Devices

  4. Formation of the e-NABLE Grant Writing Team to help target funds and strategize bringing in more grant money for the Enable Fund to empower the community.

# Estimate of work effort involved:

As has been the case with the prior NIOP proposals, it is understood that these requested funds do not accurately represent the number of hours required or additional efforts involved in the stated goals for Phase III but will allow the NIOP design team to continue its valuable work throughout the rest of 2020.

It should also be understood that the work represented here is a ridiculous understatement of the sum of the NIOP design team’s efforts within the community, but the focus of this proposal was narrowed down to only a few points to keep it brief.   

# Estimated timeline for completion:

  1. Video footage end of Sept 2020

  2. Q-C Task Specific Adapters listed end of Nov 2020

  3. Additional NIOP work continued through 2020, on-going

# Names of individuals responsible for deliverables:

Nate Munro

# Amount of funding being requested:

$6500 total

This amount includes and addresses the unused $2500 allocated with the funds from NIOP Phase II to create assembly videos for the NIOP arm configs that were derailed from the onset of the pandemic.  These funds would be collected upon approval of the Phase III proposal to subsidize my disability and cover my minimal living expenses while I film the assembly videos.

Additional $4,000 would then be deferred so it could be collected after the EnableFund is replenished, which is pending now.  This prevents straining the cash flow for the Fund in the short-term, leaving it open for others to still get funding when they need it. 

# A brief overview of my background with e-NABLE:

e-NABLE welcomed me with open arms in 2018 after having my arm amputated in 2017.  My career as a CAD Designer in my past life made me a key player for design and development within the community.  

I created and manage the NIOP (No Insurance Optimized Prosthetics) design team, who have been awarded both the NIOP Phase I and Phase II Loomio proposals with overwhelming community support and have provided unprecedented gains for the open source prosthetic community globally.  As a result, I was honored to be invited to sit on e-NABLE’s Strategic Planning Committee (SPC).  My story and the NIOP system were featured in the winter 2019/20 e-NABLE newsletter.

With that community support, the NIOP platform has given e-NABLE the ability to finally be able to have a single catalog to address most transhumeral and transradial situations, and now the NIOP Guide has easy step-by-step instructions and assembly manuals with very clear pictures for each step.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal!  I value your support and feedback so I can earn your vote and continue to make the best possible products for the community.  It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of such a fantastic organization.


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by Jon Schull Wed 2 Sep 2020 5:06PM

The Proposal passes!

See above thread


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Teri Sanor
Thu 20 Aug 2020 7:46PM

Nate pours his energy and heart into the devices. He is incredibly prolific and his talents immense! His values match his goals which are very high and he is energized by knowing he helps so many people! I am hopeful he will be able to manage on this support until we get more grants and income so he can afford to remain active for years to come.


Ken Bice
Thu 20 Aug 2020 7:46PM

The NIOP system is a vital step towards more functional prosthetics than our current offerings. Nate’s dedication to this will make it happen.


Thu 20 Aug 2020 7:46PM

Nate's efforts are focused on sparking interest through videos and creative specific-use devices that improve quality-of-life for people with limb difference beyond what any current models can do. Now anyone can contribute additions. This is super! My only suggestions: add community engagement into the mix. How could a contest or webinar event encourage other designers to become involved? It may be worthwhile to consider a fundraiser as well to help replenish the fund.


Skip Meetze
Thu 20 Aug 2020 7:46PM

The community needs the amazing work that Nate continues to contribute!


Alberto Navatta
Fri 21 Aug 2020 11:33PM

NIOP System has a great potential, in order to fully exploit it, the solution need to be well documented and described to make simple its adoption and obviously to make it even more flexible and useful new capabilities are welcomed, Nate is doing an excellent work in this direction, definitely in my opinion phase III is a fundamental step in the development of the system.


Jacquin Buchanan
Thu 20 Aug 2020 7:46PM

While i think there are too many ideas here. Getting half of it done for the price is worth it to me. Please just get it done in order listed.


Leland Green
Wed 26 Aug 2020 9:29AM

Nate's arguments changed my mind. I wasn't considering the number of people on his team, either. I was thinking "this was Nate". (Sorry, everyone, I'll either read the whole thing or not vote next time... and I won't vote before at least two coffees!🤓)

Honestly, I hadn't read the entire proposal, either. (I sometimes read the first page then jumped to the comments, just FYI @Nate Munro. 🖖😎)


Nate Munro
Thu 20 Aug 2020 7:45PM

I have to say this guy really knows what he's talking about! 😎👍


Donna Zimmerman
Thu 20 Aug 2020 7:46PM

Nate has delivered great designs and shared them with the community. I have made several of his designs and he has helped me navigate through the many choices. We need more of Nate's work.

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