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Hello everyone!

I'm here to update you all about ColaborAmerica. Please see this thread as an invitation to join us on this journey and as an open a channel for everyone who wants to know more about what is going on the south side of the earth.

As it is a super long update (I'm so sorry), I'm dividing it in smaller topics.

Basic info:


In Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil


November 17th-19th


From tradition to transition

In a Tweet:

ColaborAmerica will be an OuiShare Fest for Latin America.


ColaborAmerica is being organized by OuiShare, MateriaBrasil and Sistema B


Perestroika and Olabi

Communication channels

Webpage the new one will be available in one week (we hope)




History Behind it

In 2014 Tomás and I organized or helped organizing the first collaborative economy event in Brazil #ColaboraRio and the biggest Reboot one. During OuiShare Fest 15 we had a LatAm lunch over the grass and talked about how cool it would be to have an event dedicated only to new economies in Latin America. We decided to take things a step forward and actually make it happen. For that reason, in 2015 none of the events mentioned above happened, putting our efforts into making ColaborAmerica 16.

What we want with ColaborAmerica?

We want ColaborAmerica to be a space where people form all over the world can come together to rethink and co-create a latin american economy that works for people and the planet. We want to explore how we can use "new economies" to leapfrog some of our biggest challenges such as inequality; increasing environmental degradation and waste production; lack of transparency and accountability in large companies, institutions and government; etc.

Why From tradition to transition?

We all see a lot of "new economy" projects happening all over the world, however each country/region has its specificities. With Latin America is no different. As the north countries take the lead in this movement, we see that there are many patterns that just can't be imported and others that can be created in latin context.

We also understand that A LOT of the principles involved in all of these movements (sharing economy, circular economy, collaborative economy, p2p, etc) can also be found in what we, in Latin America, call traditional communities, such as indigenous villages, fisherman communities, countryside communities, urban slums, etc. This traditional communities are one of the aspects that makes Latin America so unique, because they are very strong and present all over the continent.

For that reason we decided on this theme, so we can build bridges between this two worlds that seem so far away from each other but in the end share values and principles.

Where we are on sponsorship?

  • We managed to fundraise 70K reais so far for flying speakers;
  • We have advanced conversations with Natura ; Coca-Cola ; and Apsa;
  • We have a very cool venue for free with infra included (chairs, air conditioner, bar, tables, beamer, sound, internet, etc). The space is called NEX ;
    • Soon we'll start a crowdfunding campaign to live stream the event and have simultaneous translation.
  • Here you can find our latest presentation for possible sponsors. If there's some company you think could sponsor us, please fell free to pass it on.


As some of you might know Olympic Games are just around the corner and things are a bit chaotic here. So we have until August 5th to define on our budget. Depending on how much we were able to fundraise we are going to design the event according to it. After that, we'll start designing what are the questions we want to explore around each of the 5 topics.

The 5 main topics

We selected 5 topics that are very relevant to our context and that allows us to bridge between traditional and disruptive communities:
1- Sustainability and collaborative economy
2- The maker movement in Latin America
3- Capital in the collaborative century
4- The future of the cities
5- New economy in Latin America

How you can collaborate?

Nothing would make us happier than to have everyone involved. We have some blind spots:

1- ::Communication around Latin America::
We have good contacts in Brazil and Chile, but not all over the continent. For that, we would be super happy if the LatAm community could help us promote the event.

2- ::We want to know what is happening in your country!::
We are collecting initiatives, inviting people, looking for amazing cases in Latin America to explore how we are evolving as a movement. So if you know something amazing that should be a part of it, just share it with us.

3- ::Hands on!::
As you all know, events need as many hands as possible, so in November whoever wants to jump in and help will be more than welcomed. We can't provide flight tickets to everyone because we are on a super low budget but we can provide a bed, a roof and a lot of cool moments and friendships!

4- ::Sponsors!!::
We are still behind on what we wanted and "needed" to make a super event, so if you want to help us with that, it would be great.
Percentages: we have an agreement of rewarding people who put effort to bringing sponsors: 5% if you make the contact; 10% if you help with the deal; 15% if you are the one who closes it.

5- ::Program::
If you want to get involved in the program just let us know. I'm 100% sure we have space for you ;-)

If you have any questions, wants to get involved or have suggestions, do not hesitate reaching out here or via email: manuela@materiabrasil.net / manuela@ouishare.net or tomas@delara.cc


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Albert Cañigueral Tue 12 Jul 2016 8:03AM

ping @yabedcontreras @katiamoralesgaitan y para el resto de Conectores de LATAM que no andan por Loomio aún


Francesca Tue 12 Jul 2016 6:49PM

Congrats Manu and Tomás for leading this in such an inspiring way, and all the work you have already put into it till now. No matter how many funds we manage to raise, it's going to be amazing :)


Tomás de Lara Mon 18 Jul 2016 2:56PM

By the way, we are in deep conversations about a amazing experiment with cryptocurrencies at Colaboramerica with the founder of www.criptotransfer.com @joachimlohkamp1 @benjamintincq \ o /


Joachim Lohkamp Mon 18 Jul 2016 3:46PM

awesome guys... & thx for making this happen!!!
so you are planning a crypto-crowdfunding @tomasdelara ?


Tomás de Lara Mon 18 Jul 2016 4:18PM

@francesca @albertcanigueral @joachimlohkamp1 @antoninleonard , I would not call it a crowdfunding, but a call to build up a community that wants to experiment and exchange "value/energy/time/expertise/stuff" over a cryptocurrency that will be launched at Colaboramerica, will be called Colaboramerica, and will be a common coin for people who is connected to Ouishare community, and other collaborative communities in Brazil and Latam. Its an experiment which Oswaldo will be leading and co-creating together with us. We are super in the idea of lean development, iteration and learning on the fly with the community.


Joachim Lohkamp Mon 18 Jul 2016 3:47PM

and please everyone help getting followers for @ColaborAmerica


Joachim Lohkamp Mon 18 Jul 2016 5:10PM

would love to know more about this @tomasdelara


Benjamin Tincq Wed 20 Jul 2016 8:52PM

Awesome @tomasdelara @manuelayamada ! so looking forward to this :)
On the partners front: what are the news with Cisco and Adeo / Leroy-Merlin?


Myriam Bouré Tue 26 Jul 2016 7:49AM

Awesome! Sounds fantastic :-) I investigate with someone I know working on the insurance sector in Brasil, I let you know if there is an interesting contact for sponsors. Cheers!