Fri 22 Nov 2019 6:15PM

Common duties of Social Media managers

D David Public Seen by 10

Hi everyone!

Below, I select some pieces of text from previous posts I did that give an overview of the key elements that social media managers should look for, and duties they should cover.

We have been gaining loads of supporters/followers on Twitter since EarthArXiv launched not so long ago. During my time as the EarthArXiv social media manager, I focused on trying to expand the base of @EarthArXiv followers (and thus, hopefully, users). Key elements to continue to grow and get people excited are

  • A real, human interaction on the account

  • Promotion via “themes”

  • The announcement of each accepted upload. This is great as it engages with the people, and gives exposition to their uploads.

You will see it is a fun activity which I am sure you will enjoy as much as I did.

Commonly, I'd enter the account daily during weekdays. When I’m stretched out thin with my projects or deadlines, I might do more volume of things but only in a day or two.

Each time, I would check most or all of the following:

  • Notifications:
    Go through Twitter notifications (lately around 30-40 each login), and retweet the interesting ones.
    Respond to questions from users (when I don’t know the answer, reach out via Loomio or to Chris, who’s always ready to be of great help!)
    Comment positively when someone refers to Earth ArXiv or tweets about making use of Earth ArXiv, even if only a line :)
    Search for #preprint and #postprint hashtags almost daily and others (#oa, #openaccess, #openscience) on occasion, and retweet if there's anything relevant/interesting

  • Tweets:
    Check new preprints/postprints and announce them, often as soon as they are available. Almost always, this will not be a “template” tweet but a “personalized” one, where I thank authors for the upload and try to tag “@” tweeter users or agencies if I refer to them in the tweet.
    Check other postprint servers (such as OSF, arXiv, BIOarxiv etc) activity and retweet interesting news
    Remind now and then of already tweets done (for example a reminder of our moderation policy, of new features launched, of how to cite preprints, what preprints are and what are the benefits etc)
    On occasion: check postprints news in the media and post relevant articles etc
    On occasion: check on Earth ArXiv milestones (x postprints available, x followers, x tweets) and promote them
    On occasion: gather data on stories and users that are satisfied or happy with Earth ArXiv and how that has impacted their research.
    Last but not least: Use of fun memes and Gifs is encouraged :)

All this without taking into account what Chris does in periods where my activity is low or where he sees fit.


Daniel Ibarra Sat 30 Nov 2019 11:56PM

Hi David - okay I have added our 3 volunteers, Jeanine Ash, Sönke Stern and Elif Oral!


David Sun 1 Dec 2019 8:22AM

Hi All,
Let's see when we're all available for a meeting.

Please visit 

soon to let me know when you're available.


Elif Oral Mon 2 Dec 2019 9:58AM

Thanks David and Daniel!

Looking forward to meet you.


Sönke Stern Mon 2 Dec 2019 10:32AM

Hey everyone and thank you guys! Looking forward to this!


David Tue 3 Dec 2019 9:12AM

It seems like 1400 CET is a good time for @Elif Oral @Sönke Stern @Jeanine Ash - let's Skype then! (geo.david.fernandez).

If @Daniel Ibarra @Bruce Caron @Tom Narock and/or @Christopher Jackson and/or anyone else (@Pablo Ampuero ?) wants to join (although 5am is a bit early for our California-base colleagues), please, let me know and I get into Zoom to arrange for such a call.

We'll be going through the daily activities of social managers and how to do them.


Daniel Ibarra Tue 3 Dec 2019 9:55PM

I probably won't be able to make it, but also perhaps @Joshua Dean is able to?


David Wed 4 Dec 2019 5:58AM

Yup, we're counting with him on the meeting --I just forgot to tag him... 😅


Joshua Dean Wed 4 Dec 2019 2:08PM

I will be joining the call tomorrow, yes


Jeanine Ash Thu 5 Dec 2019 4:52PM

Hi all- How shall we organize ourselves? My schedule is fairly open, so I'm happy to let others chose the days that work best for them and then I'll take the leftovers.


Elif Oral Thu 5 Dec 2019 6:52PM

Hi everyone!

Me too, I am quite flexible during the week days: anytime in the afternoon (CET) works for me🤓


Sönke Stern Fri 6 Dec 2019 7:31AM

Same for me, really. Do you just want to split it up by days then? Or maybe by weeks even?


Elif Oral Fri 6 Dec 2019 9:02AM

If it’s ok for you all, I can pick Wednesday&/ Thursday regularly. I can let you know in advance if I can’t make it certain weeks because of deadlines, confs, etc.

How does it sound to you ??


Joshua Dean Fri 6 Dec 2019 2:35PM

Friday is a good day for me - I can line up some tweets for Saturday then as well.


Sönke Stern Fri 6 Dec 2019 4:05PM

Monday and Tuesday would work for me then for sure!


David Fri 6 Dec 2019 1:32PM

Thanks everyone for joining the call - I'm sure that the social media managers are ready to build from the list of tasks above and the things that I showed yesterday and take the Earth ArXiv social media to the next level!!

I've just shared a dropbox folder with you for the screeshots of the accepted submissions to be announced, and I put here some useful links / contacts:

Google doc with accepted prints (scheduled/to be scheduled): http://bit.ly/2MsXmED

Earth ArXiv Moderation policy: https://eartharxiv.github.io/moderation.html

Earth ArXiv FAQ: https://eartharxiv.github.io/faq.html

To check journal policies on preprints: http://sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/search.php

You can ask us anytime here, or in twitter

My twitter handle: @GeoDa

Dan E Ibarra handle: @DanEIbarra

Chris Jackson handle: @seis_matters

Tom Narock handle: @tnarock


Jeanine Ash Fri 6 Dec 2019 5:43PM

Ok, that leaves me with Sunday! Happy to be the go-to when people need to take the week off as that's only one day, just let me know!


Sönke Stern Thu 12 Dec 2019 3:58PM

Why did we know jump from pre-prints from 8 November to the very latest ones? I thought we would do them all in chronological order?


Elif Oral Thu 12 Dec 2019 4:56PM

I made a mistake probably. I directly started with the latest ones.


David Thu 12 Dec 2019 5:02PM

I made a comment a moment ago, but it seems it got lost. I was saying that it is really not a biggie, and something expected as part of the learning process. Try to remember for the next time, tho! :) For what I've seen in twitter thus far, you're doing great!


Sönke Stern Thu 12 Dec 2019 5:13PM

Perfect! No big issue, true, just wanted to make sure we're going back to November now. :)


Elif Oral Fri 13 Dec 2019 8:54AM

Thanks for your understanding! I keep it in mind.


David Mon 27 Jan 2020 6:57PM

Hi team!!

I hope you are all well!

Just a couple of tips for the next weeks when handling our channels.

  • We will be moving from COS.

    Let's continue being proactive and positive: As you have followed in our thread Leaving COS, many questions and comments have risen. Pls. schedule continuous messages referring to our GitHub letter. Keep it simple & positive

  • Share comments: Our followers have been really active and eager to share their thoughts. Please if you see any ideas that are shared if they are interesting, you can refer our users to @Tom Narock and mention them in our thread Alternatives to COS for collection.

  • Check and respond to private messages: When looking into twitter, have also a look at the private messages. I have seen that a user contact us end of Dec. and we have missed responding :( Also, Figshare has recently contacted us sharing options for collaboration etc

  • Keep it active: As you might have seen I have been posting some tweets lately as our posts were slowing down a little (as you know I am a memes and gifs lover 😆)

    Pls. let me know if you wanna get some tips on formulating tweets or if you are unsure on the content. Happy to support!

  • Schedule your tweets: We can not be online every day & time is tight. A great tool is using scheduling apps for twitter to schedule your posts (such as twittimer or tweetdeck). This can be a real time saver!

I hope the above helps a bit for the next coming weeks.

Looking forward to seeing your tweets & get in touch for any support or questions etc.

Happy tweeting!🐥



Elif Oral Thu 30 Jan 2020 8:18AM

Hi everyone,

I'd like to ask your help about one thing. Today I noticed this message by J. Gibbons:

"Hi! I submitted an IEEE "postprint" (final version on DOI 10.1109/UrgentHPC49580.2019.00011) to eartharxiv a few weeks ago (title "Urgent Tsunami Computing") - my colleague received an automated email informing him that I had uploaded a preprint with his name on, but I have not received anything (automated or otherwise) since clicking "submit". Do you know if this manuscript is in a queue somewhere, or whether it has "fallen out of the system"? If the former, I will be patient. If the latter I will resubmit! (I know there was a change of server or something recently.)"

How do we check the status of a preprint?




Christopher Jackson Wed 8 Apr 2020 9:46AM

Hi All! How is the social media side of things going for EarthArXiv? Now we've got some clarity on moving away from COS, it would be good to keep up the general education of the community about preprints in general and EarthArXiv in particular. For example, it would be good to have some tweets (and Facebook messages) about what we host and why, as well as FAQs about preprints (I normally direct people to the excellent ASAPbio resource. Thoughts? Thanks, Chris


Elif Oral Wed 21 Oct 2020 9:28AM

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. Sorry for my silence; I was trying to find a new routine. Today, I logged in to the twitter account of EA and noticed several questions coming from different authors. The questions are mostly about the lack of notification upon submission of a preprint. Some of the issues are resolved, and I replied them.

There is one question waiting to be answered. Can you help me on that please:

'is it normal to have a paper "under consideration" for more than a week? I haven't received any message since the submission and I don't remember this long wait happening in the past.'




Christopher Jackson Wed 21 Oct 2020 5:27PM

Hi @Elif Oral! Yes. We've been slow on the moderation because of the inertia related to the transition. Hopefully we're getting back on top of things. Who was this particular message from? I can check if their submission has been moderated through.


Elif Oral Wed 21 Oct 2020 6:13PM

Thank you. It’s from Matteo De Felice.


Christopher Jackson Wed 21 Oct 2020 7:44PM

I’ll have a look and see if I can find that one


Christopher Jackson Wed 21 Oct 2020 7:56PM

Hmmmm....Nope. I can't see a submission from that person, on either the "Version Moderation" or "Unpublished Preprints" page. I can only see something they submitted back in 2018. Do they have any additional details.


Elif Oral Wed 21 Oct 2020 9:36PM

I just wrote him to ask for the details. Waiting for his answer.


Elif Oral Thu 22 Oct 2020 8:53AM

Here is the answer of Matteo: "the paper ID is 1735 and its title is Hydropower information for power system modelling: the JRC-EFAS-Hydropower dataset. it has been submitted the 13/10/2020."


Christopher Jackson Thu 22 Oct 2020 11:39AM

Thanks! OK. It's lacking an indication of it's status, so I've asked them to add it.


Elif Oral Thu 22 Oct 2020 1:29PM



Bruce Caron Wed 21 Oct 2020 6:58PM

So, on Friday, (October 23) we celebrate 3 years of EarthArXiv... be good to have this broadcast on Twitter, and also a post to encourage new volunteers (we will be selecting new advisory council members in December). Thanks!


Christopher Jackson Wed 21 Oct 2020 7:45PM

Agreed! We can put something together for the social media feeds. @Elif Oral are you able to help with this?


Elif Oral Wed 21 Oct 2020 9:39PM

Sure. I will be responsive in the afternoon.


Elif Oral Fri 23 Oct 2020 7:27AM

I ll post a short gif/tweet about the anniversary of EA today. I think of posting about new volunteers later, maybe with a link?

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