Tue 7 Dec 2021 7:14PM

2022 Quarterly Project 1

GL Gareth L Public Seen by 77

It's time to decide the quarterly project focus for Q1 2022!

Last quarter, there was a close vote between 4 topics. Aside from Recycling and Waste, there was clearly a lot of interest in Pubs, Retail and Place of Worship.

I'll include these 3 already. Please share ideas and highlight any pros for them below.


Gareth L Tue 7 Dec 2021 7:19PM

Pubs and retail are in sore need of a resurvey, and possibly more-so after Christmas which may cause some further casualties. The FHRS website is useful for addresses, even if the inspections themselves have been playing catch-up during this pandemic.

There's also a point to debate how to manage the covid_19 temporary tags which might (hopefully) be redundant.

Places of worship I understand is a bit more nuanced, potentially with a bit of research to determine current use/denominations done online, which could lend itself to the weather conditions of jan/feb/mar. Would this be a task enough in itself? or would it be worth combining with historic listed buildings?


Gregory Marler (former Director) Tue 7 Dec 2021 7:24PM

I think Q1 should always be a good one to map summer-activity things because then they're ready/updated for people to use for the summer (and makes it good for promoting the results).

In one of my videos, I suggested water usage (sports, access, and importantly water-related emergency facilities). From 11:35 https://youtu.be/_vBGtBvS3LA


Mat Attlee Wed 8 Dec 2021 5:41PM

I am not sure if it's a winter activity but how about public artworks, plaques and memorials? I often add murals to the map as it's quite easy to take a photo and attach a POI to a building wall when I get back home


Robert Whittaker Thu 9 Dec 2021 3:50PM

I definitely think high street shops and other retail premises would benefit from a concerted surveying / re-surveying effort at some point soon. To that end, I've been working on a new tool to help provide simple linear maps listing shops along a street to print and take out in to the field. If you want a preview, have a look at https://osm.mathmos.net/linear/ . Do get in touch if you'd like to help test it on a high street near you.


Cj Malone Mon 20 Dec 2021 2:25PM

Public transit could do with some love, bus stops have been mentioned on the mailing list recently.


Tony Shield Tue 21 Dec 2021 1:50PM

I've been adding NaPTAN stops recently by manual conflation using JOSM. So I would love bus-stops to be a project. Better tooling is essential before it becomes a project, and decisions on what to do about Customary stops (CUS in NaPTAN) - no bus-stop sign on a pole but the bus does stop there, and routes which are Hail And Ride (HAR in NaPTAN) which are roads where the bus will stop anywhere on the road when hailed by a passenger - both are common in Lancashire.

Bus stops are useful only when related to bus routes, so I also map the bus routes using the data from BustImes.org .

Tooling requirments for JOSM include the ability to identify OSM bus stops keyed with NaPTAN:ref, validate the remaining data, identify NaPTAN stops and similar location OSM stops, add or conflate stops. Then software to add routes - some of the PT routing stuff is good here.

How this would work in other mapping tools I do not know.

So while I like the idea of Public Transit to be a project better tooling is essential.


Jez Nicholson Wed 22 Dec 2021 8:42AM

OSMIE have made such amazing progress with houses in Ireland. We could organise a concerted effort for UK mappers to work on Northern Ireland and join up with them.


Heikki Vesanto Wed 22 Dec 2021 4:35PM

Hey, would love to collaborate with a NI task. Let us know if you go ahead with it in Q1, we can open up all the NI tasks on the tasking manager, or set up specific ones for you. https://tasks.openstreetmap.ie


Jez Nicholson Mon 17 Jan 2022 2:39PM

Looking very like the N.I. task is going to win. I am talking to Ciaran about setting up joint tasks on the IE tasking manager.