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Social Impact Studies

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What are your most important social issues? Feel free to share your concerns in this forum.

We hope to foster discussions on a wide range of topics, focusing on making positive changes for social good. We may not tilt the earth on its axis with our powerful visions for social change, but that's okay. We're interested in growing topics organically, ready to become a moving force of change if the consensus and level of participation warrant that sort of movement.


Poll Created Sun 24 May 2015 6:04PM

Is there anyone interested in doing some group research to study to total impact of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Closed Sat 27 Jun 2015 5:07PM

I want to collaborate on this project for two reasons:

  1. We can share collaboration methodology and hopefully learn from each other.
  2. We can produce a collective body of research that others can benefit from.

This is a difficult topic for many Americans and citizens of other participating countries, but many of us feel that we should try to own our mistakes, and resolve to do what we can to avoid repeating them.

Please note: This project will not be affiliated with any political party or influence.

All the best,
Dave Fleming


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