Wed 24 Jul 2013 9:21AM

Meetings and Participation

JAP João Azevedo Patrício Public Seen by 269

Regarding the lack of participation in the management of the association it's critical to find a way to make more optimal the discussion and less time consuming.

From the latest (18 july) meeting it was discussed that the existing rules should be enforced and also the meetings should be not as frequent. Regarding this the rule of 3 misses to a meeting without previous announcement or justification will imply leaving the council.

Other aspect is the optimal use of the tools we have, like loomio, forum, etc...

On the left I leave a start proposal for the meeting schedule, and hope that we all contribute to build a more participative and motivated council.



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My suggestion is: 2 meetings a month pre-scheduled. One Mandatory on the last Thursday of each month at 15:00 UTC and other, not mandatory, on the second Thursday of each month. The non mandatory meeting will only occur if any discussion going on needs some real-time-discussion, or to finish any discussion that was taken place on previous meetings that need real-time discussion.


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Kate Lebedeff
Wed 24 Jul 2013 10:54PM

absolutely agreed
small note: even if there is no quorum in loomio, the decision can be considered to be taken by the majority of those, who did participate


Raphaël Jadot Fri 26 Jul 2013 8:16AM

@katelebedeff there was a previous decision where we stated we don't need quorum if we let three days for a decision, people are supposed to have enough time to check.
@joaoazevedopatricio1 can we take some. Inspiration from arch and have a kind of 'sleeping member' statute?


João Azevedo Patrício Fri 26 Jul 2013 3:50PM

@raphaeljadot I need to understand the concept first. But I'm not ok with "sleeping" council members. But that's me and I will not be here forever so, if it's a idea well accepted by all, who am I to block it... but I can disagree :-)


Kate Lebedeff Fri 26 Jul 2013 7:42PM

@ Raphael, yes, this is exactly to what I refer:)


João Azevedo Patrício Mon 29 Jul 2013 9:45AM

I'm a strange guy. I don't agree with that (the decision being taken by few) mainly because that creates a vicissitude that is deresponsibilization. It's good for decision taken by in the end is a fuel for the ones who don't care don't participate.,I prefer the methodology, if you don't care don't be.


João Azevedo Patrício Mon 29 Jul 2013 9:46AM

Just look at this discussion, and see participation? It just pisses me off. And I don't like to be shitted on...


Wayne Sallee Mon 29 Jul 2013 11:16PM

I think it's best to discuss such matters in the mailing list, and when a lomio proposal is set, that it be announced in the list with a link to the lomio proposal to be voted on. I don't check this loomio site as often as I check the mailing list, and this loomio site is a pain for checking for unread content.

I think that while this loomio is great for voting, it lacks a lot when it comes to using it for discussion.

As for people not being able to make it to the meetings, the loomio can be used to let them vote before the meeting.

Wayne Sallee
[email protected]