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sophie Fri 25 Aug 2017 2:25PM

Hi, today i will meet with Felipe (Zemos) and European Alternatives (we are in a meeting together in Poland) and discuss a bit joint communication & PR as well. will report on that here


sophie Fri 25 Aug 2017 2:27PM

it seems like the Lunt funding is falling through so we have to innovative and for example in deed re use videos from next year, after tweaking them a bit. They are good videos, still very on point


Nicole Leonard Tue 29 Aug 2017 9:19PM

Let's work these videos into the commms plan below, yes. Not even sure we need to tweak them really.


Nicole Leonard Tue 29 Aug 2017 9:20PM

@thomasdegroot2 wrote down his thoughts: " What we need, if you look at my points, is the following:

-a coordinator for content from now to the ECA

-a coordinator for press

-a live comms person

Coould be one and the same person, obviously.

What I came up with is below. After your thoughts, I propose to combine this into one page. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Communiations for ECA in Madrid, October 2017.

What we need:

-Someone to livetweet and livepost on Twitter and Facebook during the ECA
-A good hashtag
-An up to date list of key persons and orgs to follow and like beforehand, so we can tag them.
-a few ‘press moments’, preferrably three: one in the build-up (beginning of October), one during the kickoff, and one on the last day.
-accompanying press releases and materials
-a list of journos, publishers and influencers
-’content’ like videos, blogs, cool images, to fill up social media channels in the coming weeks. This should include cool things attending people have done, publications by orgs that work with us, inspiring pieces about the subject matter, etc.
-a communication briefing for all organizers and coordinators (like ‘always tell the group to livetweet and use the same hashtag’ and other tips)
-invite all attendees to write a cool blog about what they’re doing to increase our content (can also be a vlog or an image). This could bolster our ‘commoners present themselves’ in the build-up.
-approach influential journos for exlcusives, like an interview with the organizers, or a behind-the-scenes-coverstory.
-write opinion pieces

Important: who are we talking to?

I suggest we try to appeal to ‘ordinary’ people that are beginning to get interested in commons. This will attract the easiest target audience, and also bolster our reputation as the leading event in the world for commons. This means ‘dumbing it down’ to a degree where it becomes accessible to all curious people.

Secondary: influential orgs and publications, to increase the noise in our own bubble.

News worthy for the first group: commons becomes actionable > the ECA, where grassroots activism, theory and policy comes together. Make it personal: what does commons mean for you?

News worthy for the second group: spotlighting interesting commoners and initiatives (see for instance the tone that Shareable strikes)."


Nicole Leonard Wed 6 Sep 2017 4:32PM

@staccotroncoso @sophie40 @annmarie... any thoughts? I've asked Thomas to eventually set up a call for this to get things moving :)


Stacco Troncoso Mon 18 Sep 2017 9:52AM

Hi folks, sorry we're still travelling and couldn't join the call in the proposed dates. For now I've reposted this call-out from Commons Network on our blog and shared it on SM: Join us in Madrid for the next European Commons Assembly


sophie Mon 18 Sep 2017 9:56AM

HI ok great! Yes Wanted to share this as a template too for everyone to use. I guess people can just copy.