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Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 2:05PM


Is this satisfactory?


Nicole Leonard Thu 20 Jul 2017 3:46PM

Links: "I'm going": https://goo.gl/forms/JXx5txhxHrEZTsv43

En español: https://goo.gl/forms/UofGmT1OQABve5i23


Nicole Leonard Mon 24 Jul 2017 3:59PM

Video proposal for 3 thematic urban commons videos from Zemos + 1 overview on municpalism is done, ready to be submitted to Lunt, but we may want to ask for money. It should also correspond with Zemos commitments/needs with TEF's video production - Zemos is doing both so there is a lot to make!


Nicole Leonard Mon 14 Aug 2017 3:05PM

@staccotroncoso or others; should we try to develop a mini comms strategy, or do we just not have enough human resources?

I think it would be possible with a little advance thinking to create a moderate buzz just before...

We could even try to get something published

How do people feel about this, and maybe drafting a plan or having a call in September?


Stacco Troncoso Mon 14 Aug 2017 3:32PM

Hi @nicoleleonard from the P2PF side (speaking for advocacy, ie @annmarie and myself) we cannot produce any original writing from now until mid-September. We can, however, promote any material created for ECA Madrid on our blog and social network (and will gladly do so!). Come October we'll be much more active in the lead-up to the event.


Nicole Leonard Mon 14 Aug 2017 3:37PM

Ok, so how's about re-touching base on this towards the end of September?


Stacco Troncoso Mon 14 Aug 2017 4:06PM

Sounds good! BTW, I'll be in London from August 30th to September 20th (with Ann Marie joining me on the 13th), If anyone from the group happens to be there, please get in touch!


Nicole Leonard Thu 17 Aug 2017 2:14PM

@sophie40 @thomasdegroot2 and I are going to think about some PR.

Sophie had the idea to take the videos from the last assembly and just cut the end to say ECA in Madrid ... should we ask @lucastello if this is possible?

Thomas mentioned something about getting an article written in the national paper.

What do we need to do for this PR effort? Should we designate a day to do a twitter blast? Write an article ourselves? Just brainstorming for now..


Z. Blace Thu 17 Aug 2017 2:28PM

FOR VIDEO: Why not just add as a subtitle with link?


Thomas de Groot Wed 23 Aug 2017 5:36PM

Hi all, I like the idea of having a little communication plan (just half a page). Me, Sophie and Nicole can work on it next week. It would give all participants (ECA and TEF) something to do, so that we spread the buzz. I will send you some ideas next week.

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