Mon 8 Apr 2013 4:22AM


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It might be good to have a thread in this group for each ongoing language to give updates and talk to others who are helping. I've started this one for Spanish.


Alanna Irving Mon 8 Apr 2013 4:23AM

@noelia do you think you could come in here and give an overview of where the Spanish project is now?


Noelia Mon 8 Apr 2013 8:23AM

at the moment all the core translation is done apart from email bits which Rich still working on it, i believe for other people in the future using transfix the process will be fairly quicker than me, since they wont have to extract everything from the site to merge it manually. I guess thats an important part of the learning process. i will be try to use the spanish version in the next couple days to find out what might need to be change etc and report back to Loomio, Im also accepting constructive criticism f someone believes something needs to be changed


Francisco George PP-ES Mon 8 Apr 2013 9:42AM

@noelia @alannakrause We should try to get Latin Americans in this too, as their Spanish is somehow different from the one of the peninsula :-)


Noelia Mon 8 Apr 2013 9:50AM

dear @franciscogeorgeppes Im myself from Latin America our spanish is not different we might use different colloquialism and slang but unfortunately we were colonised and we share the same language :) and I haven't used coloquialism or slang in the translation process


Francisco George PP-ES Mon 8 Apr 2013 4:37PM

@noelia I didn't mean to offend, I'm my self Belgian, from the french part of it, and our french is somehow different too then the original french.

I'd just suggested it because in much soft, MS for example they do make a difference between spanish so i thought there might be local differences. For example in Spain we use "Ordenador" and I think in latin america "Computadora" in those small diferrences I was thinking


Noelia Mon 8 Apr 2013 9:11PM

Hey @franciscogeorgeppes you didn't offend me at all just wanted to make the clear point that Loomio en Español is friendly neutral and accessible to all Spanish speaking people Latin America@s and Spaniards :) and Im always open to discuss if something doesn't sound as it should


Francisco George PP-ES Mon 15 Apr 2013 11:25AM

@noelia algunas cositas, en castellano "Discusion" implica una pelea, conversacion violenta...lo dejaria en Conversacion


Noelia Mon 15 Apr 2013 9:36PM

@franciscogeorgeppes si quieres cambiarlo a conversacion cambialo, pero hay que tener en cuenta el contexto en el que esta puesto la palabra "discucion" quizas en otra situacion signifique pelea estoy de acuerdo pero no en una pagina amigable de toma de decisiones colectivas. Loomio no es para conversar es para discutir, debatir y tomar decisiones, estamos conversando pero no es lo que se pretende.


PauKokura Sat 16 Nov 2013 9:27AM

En internet se utiliza bastante "discusión". Aunque si en alguna zona hispanohablante se interpreta como "pelea" habría que buscar alternativas.

Acabo de unirme al grupo. Puedo colaborar en la traducción al español/castellano (Se ha debatido si utilizar español o castellano?)

Y voy a abrir un hilo para Catalán.


PauKokura Sat 16 Nov 2013 9:34AM

Releo mi comentario y veo "hilo" que he usado inconscientmente...
"Hilo" también se utiliza en los foros como sinónimo de "discusión". Es una traducción bastante buena de "thread" (Ver apartado jerga: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foro_(Internet))

Y además hilo le va perfecto al concepto "loom" y al logo de loomio ;)

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