Sun 30 Jul 2017 2:16PM


MWK Mr. Wallace Karira Muraya Public Seen by 115

Having embraced technology in our organizations equipped with IT accessories that we may deem necessary for our activities where we use them as a medium of communication for our activities and programs, Internet-based solutions/Internet based-communications technology helps us achieve results to improve the efficiency and to reach our programs services, every person with an active e-mail account will emphasize as a medium of communication for his or her activities.

Beyond that, we also extend to using and conducting specific searches on search engines related to using social media for marketing e.g. Face book, e-mail marketing etc.

We basically use the internet to acquire a resource of information's on;

• How we can market ourselves especially through websites.

• How we as a platform can reach out to community members for
recruitment and coordination.

• To modify an existing successful non-web solution to be delivered via the internet.

• To build an interactive new solution for full internet delivery.

• How we can reach out to development stakeholders, donors and partners to extend to a successful local/regional solution to international scope in order to increase our impact in the society.

Using internet (Technology); accounting and documentation in relation to communication is much easier as we have online facility to monitor both injections and also use the internet backup solution to save these information’s.

In effect, database are safely stored, easily accessible and then communication and transparency are components of programs implementations.

Thus, the internet is a very positive step towards organization and participation in a meaningful society. Without Internet solutions, then it would not be possible for us to grow our programs and impacts.