Sun 1 Mar 2015 2:39AM


AR Andrew Reitemeyer Public Seen by 159

Scoop is crowdfunding and will become an community owned news resource. They have opened a loomio group and there is the opportunity to inject Pirate principles and ideas into the conversation that will be guiding the way the new Scoop is organised.
We will be issuing press releases again soon I hope and Scoop is the main outlet for those. We could get a free scoop info page as another way to make our presence known in the community.

We also might meet prospective new members.

I think we should support this however you should know that Alistair Thompson is married to my cousin.


Andrew McPherson Sun 1 Mar 2015 3:50AM

I support this fully. Thank you for the disclosure of interests.


Ben Vidulich Tue 3 Mar 2015 10:53AM

I support injecting pirate principles/ideas/views into their group provided the views portrayed are a good representation of our party's views.