Thu 5 Sep 2019 7:56AM

Digital Democracy - Options for ICA to Advance Platform Cooperatives

MSC Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Public Seen by 66

Here is Ed Mayo's discussion paper Digital democracy?
Options for the International Cooperative Alliance to advance Platform Coops
. The ICA are seeking feedback. You can respond here


Oli SB Thu 5 Sep 2019 8:24AM

The link to the paper doesn't work :( well, not without a Micro$oft login...
Do you have another link that is open?


Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Thu 5 Sep 2019 8:46AM

It's weird that I can access, but I don't go anywhere near MS.


Graham Thu 5 Sep 2019 8:27AM

Oh, the irony. Hiding a discussion paper on digital cooperation behind a corporate login.


Graham Thu 5 Sep 2019 8:41AM

Just spent 10 minutes trying and failing to jump through the M$ hoops.


Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Thu 5 Sep 2019 8:46AM

OK. I'll ask Ed if there is a more accessible link. Meanwhile here's a PDF


Graham Thu 5 Sep 2019 9:32AM

What sort of response are the ICA looking for?


Alex Worrad-Andrews Fri 6 Sep 2019 5:45AM

We at Common Knowledge would be very much up for replying to this, so ask the same question as Graham.


Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Fri 6 Sep 2019 7:51AM

Here's the feedback form.


Graham Fri 6 Sep 2019 8:18AM

So what I'm seeing here appears to be an internal consultation exercise between the ICA and its members? I am concerned that people might put time and effort into a response that is simply ruled out as ineligible. Is there a clear channel for feedback that is acceptable to ICA? (For example, is Co-operatives UK as an ICA member open to receiving feedback and collating that).


Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Fri 6 Sep 2019 8:53AM

I'll check. Ed is happy to share this, but as you say @graham it could be that feedback does need to channel thru an ICA member -watch this space.

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