Thu 5 Sep 2019 7:56AM

Digital Democracy - Options for ICA to Advance Platform Cooperatives

Here is Ed Mayo's discussion paper Digital democracy?
Options for the International Cooperative Alliance to advance Platform Coops
. The ICA are seeking feedback. You can respond here


Oli SB Thu 5 Sep 2019 8:24AM

The link to the paper doesn't work :( well, not without a Micro$oft login...
Do you have another link that is open?


It's weird that I can access, but I don't go anywhere near MS.


Graham Thu 5 Sep 2019 8:27AM

Oh, the irony. Hiding a discussion paper on digital cooperation behind a corporate login.


Graham Thu 5 Sep 2019 8:41AM

Just spent 10 minutes trying and failing to jump through the M$ hoops.


OK. I'll ask Ed if there is a more accessible link. Meanwhile here's a PDF


Graham Thu 5 Sep 2019 9:32AM

What sort of response are the ICA looking for?


Alex Worrad-Andrews Fri 6 Sep 2019 5:45AM

We at Common Knowledge would be very much up for replying to this, so ask the same question as Graham.


Here's the feedback form.


Graham Fri 6 Sep 2019 8:18AM

So what I'm seeing here appears to be an internal consultation exercise between the ICA and its members? I am concerned that people might put time and effort into a response that is simply ruled out as ineligible. Is there a clear channel for feedback that is acceptable to ICA? (For example, is Co-operatives UK as an ICA member open to receiving feedback and collating that).


I'll check. Ed is happy to share this, but as you say @graham it could be that feedback does need to channel thru an ICA member -watch this space.


Alex Worrad-Andrews Fri 6 Sep 2019 12:19PM

Please let me know on here how this has to operate. Cheers!


Michelle Parkin-Kelly Mon 9 Sep 2019 8:48AM

I can confirm Co-operatives UK is a direct member of the ICA on behalf of its members.


Michelle Parkin-Kelly Mon 9 Sep 2019 1:48PM

Hi all,

I've chased this up and the ICA are taking feedback from any source, but of course will be differentiating between member and non-member responses as this is designed for ICA members.

Anyone who is a direct member of the ICA should have access to the documents (we have fed back that the lack of open source sharing on this is as impractical as it is ironic) and may respond directly.

Anyone else who isn't an ICA member but is a member of Co-operatives UK, directly or indirectly, may respond to us and we will collate responses from UK co-ops. There will be a link on CUK social media shortly and of course you're welcome to contact me here or directly with questions or contributions.


Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture & Platform 6) Tue 10 Sep 2019 7:12AM

Cheers @michelleparkinkell . Thanks for offering to collate responses on this. If you could update this thread too when the Co-operatives UK link is live, that would be great.