Fri 15 May 2020 5:08PM

Tzoa Tester - Step One - Open Discussion - How to celebrate successes?

BK Ben Kadel Public Seen by 5

This is a space for the Tzoa planning team to play around with Loomio to see how it works. Loomio includes threads, proposals, and polls. Each component can be customized and mixed-and-matched into a collaborative decision making process.

We'll be walking through three steps.

First, step one will focus on an open brainstorming discussion around fun ideas we could do to celebrate teams successes. This will happen in the comment section.

After we've generated some ideas, we'll move into Step Two: proposal mode (the title of the thread will change to indicate the switch). Everyone can select an idea that they like and write a proposal. To start, we'll use the "no voting" option and work through questions for clarification and concerns.

Once we have a few proposals that seem to work, we'll move to Step Three: temperature check and do a quick poll to get a sense of where the energy is.

So, to get the ball rolling - what are some of the qualities that we want in a good celebration?


Ben Kadel Fri 29 May 2020 4:19PM

The best celebrations usually involve food - by preference, something involving pizza or baked goods. Or both.