Close Thread = Share Conclusions

ST Sam Toland Public Seen by 53

Congratulations again on 2.5 - and thanks for incorporating a lot of QOL features, and continuing to improve the core flows.

I use Twist alongside Loomio quite a bit (because Loomio doesn't have direct messaging.... yet 馃檪 ) and it has a feature were when you close a thread, you have the opportunity to draft a conclusion.

I was just tidying up a Loomio group I'm involved in, started closing threads, and it seemed a real shame that I couldn't summarise the conclusion of the thread while closing the thread (which in many cases was actually a decision / conversation that took place offline, and is therefore not recorded on loomio).

Looking through a couple of other loomio groups that are full of old threads - I wonder if the lack of a conclusion option means that many threads are left ultimately unresolved.... either for fear of losing something, or because someone was supposed to add a summary and never did because of two many clicks...

Also, while I don't find Loomio particularly hard to navigate - I get a lot of feedback from non-tech saavy folks who complain that Loomio is 'too difficult to find stuff'. I wonder if by offering the option to add a conclusion while archiving, you could thereby encourage people to close more threads and declutter their groups - while adding in more rich content for those looking back at decisions in the past... for threads used to organise meetings you could basically use this to record the minutes / notes of the meeting.

Anyway - just some thoughts.