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Candidates for the ongoing purpose of the OAE Loomio group

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This is one followup thread from the https://www.loomio.org/d/echHNIyP/sponsorship thread. More threads may follow, discussing some of the candidates.


Bob Haugen Wed 22 Sep 2021 8:36PM

The original OAE Loomio group spun off this proposal https://github.com/open-app/core from @Joshua Vial and @Mikey originally posted in 2014.

The Open App Ecosystem is a suite of integrated and open sourced apps which support transparent, democratic and decentralised organising.

The aim is for the software to act as a delivery mechanism for cultural viruses which decentralise money, information and control and promote happiness, empowerment and wellbeing throughout an organisation. They also have the side effect of helping organisations become more efficient, resilient and adaptable.

Loomio was one of the apps listed in that original proposal.

The https://valueflo.ws/ vocabulary emerged from that focus in the early stages of OAE as a way for open apps to integrate with each other.


Bob Haugen Wed 22 Sep 2021 8:42PM

Another purpose that emerged from the early stages of the OAE was organized suites of open source software. https://diglife.com/ was an early representative of that focus, and I notice that @Jim Whitescarver of that project recently commented on the keep-OAE-alive proposal. Several other examples of such suites have been represented in OAE discussions. I hesitate to name them because I would forget some project, but feel free to mention those you are connected to as a user or project participant.


Jim Whitescarver Wed 22 Sep 2021 9:40PM

Diglife has unfortunately lost steam. I voted to keep loomio mainly because of the people here. And because loomio is a great tool. Unfortunately rchain has been occupying all my time and I have not been able to contribute here.


Bob Haugen Wed 22 Sep 2021 9:50PM

Sorry to hear about Diglife. But what's happening with rchain that is so engaging? (That's https://rchain.coop/ , right?)


Tibor Katelbach Thu 23 Sep 2021 7:24AM

I would love to see how we can keep that energy going, and maybe we can help , I was watching that ecosystem and tools as an interesting dynamic , could we organize a call to share REX experience ?


Tibor Katelbach Thu 23 Sep 2021 7:37AM

and what about the great project https://diglife.com/the-hi-project/index.html ?


Bob Haugen Wed 22 Sep 2021 8:44PM

Please suggest other candidates. And @Tibet Sprague maybe you can riff on how the CTA would compare with those candidates?

P.S. this morning, @Lynn Foster was preparing a presentation for an upcoming CTA working group meeting so there's a definite overlap...


Brent Shambaugh Wed 22 Sep 2021 8:59PM

Nobody I live around seems to care about this stuff. Businesses and people are ultra conservative. However I still believe in this and would consider a $5 one time donation, even though I'm struggling supporting myself. React and C# is about all there is programming wise, and I do neither.


Brent Shambaugh Wed 22 Sep 2021 11:59PM

I could be getting carried away. I am working on an IoT project and I'm hoping it will succeed, but at the same time I feel kind of stuck. Will I actually succeed? Should I got back to college? How do I get 5 seconds of a hiring manager's attention? What crypto should I gamble on? Should I just suck it up and force myself to do only React and C#. Should I work retail or at a restaurant again? Should I try to explain why I went on a detour since graduating with a Master's in ChE and hope I get past the machines to a supportive person who won't just brush me off within 20 minutes? What should I put on Indeed, ZipRecruiter...should I try to become a junior developer where in my area that means front end. IDK. I'm too focused on my own problems and I could be getting carried away.


Bob Haugen Thu 23 Sep 2021 12:07PM

Yeah, Brent. Forget the donation, you got bigger problems. Unfortunately, I am long past the stage of my life where I would have any good advice on career development and job hunting. If anybody else here might have some good advice, maybe y'all can take it into another channel. Does Loomio do private messages? I'll see if I can figure out how...

Ok, it's easy. If anybody has any advice for Brent, just click on his name and Loomio will offer a private message thread. Brent is very nice, we've interacted with him in Sensorica forums, and he has been thinking about OAE-style topics for a few years and doing some of his own experiments.

I'll add another comment not so much responding to Brent but using his situation to think about another couple of possible candidates for ongoing purposes of the OAE loomio group.

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