2023 September Guild Wide Meeting

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Hi Guild mates, 

Thank you for the participation and engagement from this last Wednesday's Guild Wide Meeting. Those who couldn't make it, we missed you. Please go over the note and ask any question that you have with the guild. 

September Guildwide Meeting 

Sept 6th, Wednesday 

5:30pm EST 

Virtual and/or in-person

Facilitator : Carlos 

Secretary : Chris / Dave (Back up) 

Agenda Doc

Announcement & Time sensitive Action items 

- Roof Repair : Please read, comment, vote for Roof repair proposal on Loomio 

- Keep Kitchen area clean! - Please make sure that we keep the kitchen area up to the code. What we do affects the Cafe operation and our operation! 

- Internship opportunity : If you are interested in having HS students as interns, please see Slack [LINK

- Electricity upgrade is now complete. Thank you @Jacquie and @Dave for the support. 

- Board ReElection needs to happen.

* Many events are happening during September, please make sure that we support each other and communicate clearly. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please use slack/loomio and discuss. We got this! 

Love and light