Wed 9 Jan 2019 9:00PM

I want to make 5 hands in 2019. I need 5 kids to make hands for and get measurements from. Can you recommend some kids to us?

MM Michelle Massie Public Seen by 85

I live in Albuquerque, NM


Thierry Oquidam Wed 9 Jan 2019 9:13PM

The right place to go is probably https://www.enablewebcentral.com/


Adam Armfield Tue 22 Jan 2019 3:54PM

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your email. E-NABLE Medellín is a non-profit organisation that provides free, 3D printed, personalised prosthetic limbs to children and adults that need them in Colombia.

Were you hoping to get involved?



Michelle Massie Thu 24 Jan 2019 3:59PM

Hi Adam....this is great news! Yes, we want to get involved. We are doing the Rapture hand first. Please give me info to send to someone in need.


Michelle Massie Thu 24 Jan 2019 4:00PM