Where do these ideas go once they've been decided upon?

SJ Sophie Jerram Public Seen by 39

Hi all. I have really enjoyed reading the discussion and appreciate the investment people have made in presenting ideas around about alcohol management. What I would like to know is where do these ideas go once they've been decided upon by the group as good ideas?

Specifically, is the Council compelled to use any of these ideas from the consultation?
And secondly can we be party to reports on how the Council has implemented the strategy in relation to the consultation? (Through this loomio group, for example).

Knowing these things would help me decide how much time to invest in the process. Thanks


Jaime Dyhrberg (WCC) Wed 27 Mar 2013 9:16AM

Hi @sophiejerram the reason the Council is working with Loomio is to provide a channel for people to share their views about the role of alcohol in Wellington.

We will be analysing the discussions here to identify common threads that can inform the Alcohol Management Strategy and Local Alcohol Policy. While we are not compelled to use any of the ideas generated here, we are listening intensely because we know the strategy and draft policy will be better for your input.

One great thing about Loomio is the "create a proposal" feature because it provides some immediate feedback on the suggestions raised here. Something that we can't achieve when people write in to the Council.

Ultimately the proof of whether the Council has been listening well enough will be in the strategy and draft policy we will be releasing for comment in the middle of the year. We will contacting everyone who has registered on Loomio to invite them to comment on the draft policy.


Aaron Thornton Wed 27 Mar 2013 6:20PM

@jaimedyhrberg, It might even be interesting to run the draft strategy through these groups on Loomio to get feedback along the way. I would be most exited to see something develop that way.


Ruben de Haas Wed 27 Mar 2013 8:49PM

very good question!


Jaime Dyhrberg (WCC) Wed 27 Mar 2013 9:02PM

@aaronthornton that's a great idea!

We're just starting to plan the consultation plan on the draft policy and Loomio is certainly in the mix of channels we’re considering. The final decision largely rests on our evaluation of all the channels we used to elicit feedback in this early collaboration phase.


Alanna Krause (Loomio) Wed 27 Mar 2013 10:18PM

Thanks for posing this question @sophiejerram and thanks for giving some more context @jaimedyhrberg ! I'm interested in hearing from participants about what they'd like to see in terms of these outcomes. Jaime is saying the council is listening - what would make you feel heard as a member of the public?


Sophie Jerram Thu 28 Mar 2013 3:31AM

Thanks for your reply Jaime.
I would love to hear from Wcc which ideas from this group and others have been picked up. Knowing the ideas aren't going into a black hole is really important! Yes posting the draft strategy would be super too.


Jaime Dyhrberg (WCC) Mon 1 Apr 2013 8:53AM

@sophiejerram it's a little early to be able to say what ideas we're looking at in more detail.

We've certainly noticed that there are recurring themes around things like pre-loading, licensee responsibility, and making streets safe at night, for example.

We're really interested in getting as many views as possible. We analyse by the merit of the idea and Loomio has some nifty features that encourage people to kick ideas around.