3/28 Meeting Notes 3/28

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3/28 art meeting

sam zoe heather ryan

Arts Arcata 4/13
“adJUST Reality”

submission deadline 4/1
seems like we got enough submissions so far, don’t need to extend deadline.
wall space should be filled.

Jet Haggerty will play violin during the show.

we will need a sound person for some spoken word + violin

We need to get everyone’s names so we can make a Facebook event + a flyer for 4/13

Zoe is taking a folder of artist contracts to have people fill out when they drop their art off.

build a structure out of sticks collaborative / interactive exhibit as part of the show

Sam showed us some photos of paintings they want to submit for 4/13

there’s going to be jewelry on display, we’ll use the top shelf of the glass case we do the door at.

Sam & Izzy picking up art on 4/11.

Zoe installing “adJUST Reality” 4/12

Artists can drop off art work on 4/11 between 6:30 pm and 8:30pm