Where are we building this?

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Sean Tilley Wed 12 Sep 2012 4:21PM

So, after all this discussion, it seems Groovehunter has taken to building a prototype. Which is great, except for the fact that I can't find a link to said prototype.

GH, can you please add a link to the site, so that I can register and help you start building things?


altruism Wed 12 Sep 2012 4:27PM


Sean Tilley Wed 12 Sep 2012 4:33PM

Cool, I'm registered.

@Groovehunter, how about an admin user role, so that I can dive in and get my hands dirty? :)


altruism Wed 12 Sep 2012 4:34PM

admin2 / dpadmin


Sean Tilley Wed 12 Sep 2012 4:36PM

No, I know where the URL is, I meant can I have access so that I can use it? :P


altruism Wed 12 Sep 2012 4:36PM



altruism Wed 12 Sep 2012 4:37PM

user: admin2
password: dpadmin


Sean Tilley Wed 12 Sep 2012 4:58PM

Hey, so two things:

1.) There are way too many modules up in here. 350 modules to be exact. That could make for a huge performance hit. Normally, you don't need much more than about 30-40 modules, tops.

2.) When I tried to add the RealName module (for turning user names into display names on content) I got some kind of FTP connection error. What needs to be done to fix this? I haven't seen this problem in quite some time.


groovehunter Thu 13 Sep 2012 1:18PM

Hi Sean , for all my drupal sites I have kept the modules in a shared dir. The performance was no problem yet. I read long ago about it, but thought the module dir is scanned only on admin/modules request and is stored in systems table, isn't it. Of course for the production site I would cleanup. Overview is also okay with module_filter

and 2. what ftp login credentials did you enter? Haven't yet used to install drupal modules, I do it via rsync or download them with wget. RealName I installed.

What's RealName supposed to do? I see fields in profile, unfortunately mixed inbetween the other fields.


Sean Tilley Thu 13 Sep 2012 4:37PM

RealName just basically uses token variables to display a username based on defined user fields. It's a nifty tool for displaying a user as, say "John Doe" instead of "johndoe1988".

I didn't enter any login credentials, it just asked me for some when I tried to install a module.