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suggested in the schedule is:
6 PM
fem or transgender

Anyone coordinating anything for a FemGA? wants to?

Just opening this up - can't bottomline or do much besides posting on our media.

It could be developed on the ground during the gathering as well, if there's no pre- energy.

still need a bottomliner/coordinator to bring it together


Carolyn Dixon Sun 20 Jul 2014 1:27AM

I have a major concern I'd like as a discussion topic at FEMGA. In the media coverage of 2011 OWS, I saw that although women played a major role in OWS, the media coverage didn't reflect that. One video interviewed 12 men and NO women. I've been wondering whether women tend to hold back from taking on leadership roles and if so, why.


Cal Mon 21 Jul 2014 3:16AM

In my experience, there are plenty of women who "lead" (and I put the L-word word in quotes because for many in occupy, it's a 4-letter word). Much/most of the natgat planning is being done by women. I can't tell you how many calls I've been on in the past 2 months on which I was the only man!


Sally G Mon 21 Jul 2014 1:13PM

Nancy M(I would have to look it up!) from Code Pink has offered to cofacilitate our FemGA, as she did at NatGat2012 in Philadelphia.


Sally G Mon 21 Jul 2014 1:17PM

One of the main facilitators of the vision process at NatGat2012, a woman who uses a wheelchair—she did an excellent job. I wonder what the reason is for the lack of interviews; I do think it presents a skewed picture compared to the reality, and wonder if it is a matter of who chooses to be interviewed, who a reporter approaches, or what? Definitely a good topic for the FemGA; thanks, Carolyn!


Tricia Mon 21 Jul 2014 7:40PM

That was Lauren B from Occupy Philly https://www.facebook.com/OccupyNationalGathering/posts/434224006678409

Nancy Mancias dancing at NatGat Philly '12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV3m-5Mcnes