Add "formatting help" link with markdown info

AI Alanna Irving Public Seen by 51

We've done the work to implement markdown, so let's actually make it more usable. I suggest we add a little link next to the "post comment" button under the text box on the discussion panel that says "formatting options" or "formatting help" which pops up a little window describing the markdown syntax options. This can be as simple as a popup with a text description of how it works and a list of syntax options. In the future I'd love to see user friendly formatting buttons, but for now I think a little help link will go a long way.


Richard D. Bartlett Tue 4 Dec 2012 7:20PM

There's some overlap here with this discussion, where we agreed to make Markdown opt-in. Then we can provide help information at the point of opting in.

I'd recommend merging this conversation into that thread as that is the reference point for the task card on Trello.


Robert Guthrie Tue 4 Dec 2012 11:33PM

absolutely agree.. and it's a junior job. Nice