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Case Studies and Stories of Loomio Use

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Hi everyone

I'm posting a few stories here about how I've seen people use Loomio to help you understand how it works.

If you know of any others - please comment about them!

  • Generation Zero
    The youth climate movement of New Zealand uses Loomio to make regional decisions (in subgroups), to make national decisions about money and funding applications, to do national reflections on the effectiveness of a campaign etc. This is a very community orientated movement - the core team doesn't use Loomio that much themselves unless they want to engage all the volunteers around the country in a discussion.
    Engage your volunteers

  • Save the Pohutakawa Trees
    A campaign recently won in Auckland to save some iconic trees used a combination of NationBuilder and Loomio to manage the petitioning and database, and then started a group of concerned citizens on Loomio and they self organised to take action offline
    Transition from a nationbuilder petition to a Loomio group for self organised action

  • Ministry for Social Development NZ
    In NZ, the Social Development dept of the government uses Loomio to make decisions about funding applications. They also use it to decrease the number of meetings they have. If there's a conversation going on on Loomio, all you need to do in the meeting is say "Cool, everyone pitch into that conversation this week, w'ell review the outcome next meeting, Next agenda item!" This is especially helpful for big meaty issues that take awhile to think through together.
    Reduce your number of meetings & give your team a place to go through meaty issues together asynchronously

  • Statistics New Zealand
    is currently running a 6 week public consultation on the future of the NZ Census. The group 2018census.loomio.org is an online space for hundreds of people to discuss changes to 78 parts of the census. In this case Loomio is a "suggest a way forward" tool as opposed to a decision tool.
    Consult with hundreds of people at once

  • Podemos
    Polling as the number one political party in Spain, Podemos is a bottom up movement for political change in the EU. They currenty use Loomio to make decisions in over 1000 different Loomio groups for all the different "Circles" of their organisation. Most of their groups are public - you can check them out at loomio.org/explore
    Start many groups for all of the parts of your movement

  • Open Source, Open Society
    A conference we ran recently in NZ called OS//OS was using Loomio to crowdsource questions and ideas for the conference before hand and now is a place for followup conversations after the event. There was one discussion per session at the conference and people were able to discuss things with the speakers who were convening each of the discussions online about their session
    Involve the participants in the conference design and session content, as well as giving them a place to take action after the event

  • Enspiral Space
    Co Working spaces around the world use Loomio to crowdsource ideas and enable distributed decision making. Everything from "What temperature do we want the aircon?" to "How much coffee do we really consume in this building therefore how much should we order each month?" to "The rent is going up - how do we want to handle this?"
    Decentralise decisions about your office or home or any other shared asset like land


Chelsea Robinson Fri 8 May 2015 9:48PM

Over 80,000 people have used Loomio to make over 25,000 decisions, so this is not an exhaustive list of groups - just a quick sample to help you see how it fits into peoples work and lives.


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