Wed 6 Nov 2019 11:26AM

Open Application Network


Simon Grant Wed 6 Nov 2019 11:49AM

To hazard any answer would seem to me perilous. What I would like to see would be a mindset where we keep all our senses open for potential collaborators, and engage with them as soon as we can on the basis of wanting to build the greater commons together.

They might say no - then they are classing themselves as competitors. If they say yes, on condition that everyone has to submit to their assumptions, they're not quite there yet and may need further work. In the ideal case, they say yes as co-commoners, as genuine co-operating collaborators, and then the interesting chapter opens. It needs to be written and continually revised!


Bob Haugen Wed 6 Nov 2019 11:50AM

@graham2 thanks for the tip. Looking into them. Two immediate thoughts, though:
* We can expect many people to arrive at some very similar ideas in response to the same set of forces. Sometimes they will know about each other, sometimes not. Even if they know each other, sometimes they will collaborate, sometimes compete.
* Slogan from the 1960's, sorry: two truths don't compete. Meaning, if they are about the greater good, they will collaborate with other people working on parts of the same puzzle.

(@asimong wrote his response at the same time I was writing mine, and we basically agree.) <-brainbug: first I somehow typed disagree there, but I thoroughly agree...>


Simon Grant Wed 6 Nov 2019 11:55AM

(written when I thought Bob was disagreeing :-) ) [...] My approach is to look for points of contact first, because when you identify those points of contact, the way opens to collaboration and synergy. [...]


Bob Haugen Wed 6 Nov 2019 12:17PM

@asimong sorry for the brainfart error. See my correction above. I agree, the "disagree" was a too-fast typing autopilot error.


Simon Grant Wed 6 Nov 2019 12:20PM

:laughing: no prob all is forgiven!


Bob Haugen Wed 6 Nov 2019 1:04PM

I had a stroke in my 50's that blew out the language processing section in my left temporal lobe. I could not talk, could not find words. Took about a month of speech therapy to rewire around the damage. But one of the lingering after-effects is oddly saying or auto-typing the opposite of the word I mean. Can confuse people.... :confused:


Simon Grant Wed 6 Nov 2019 7:16PM

Thanks so much for letting me/us know. I will recall that when I read anything that looks strange!


Bob Haugen Wed 6 Nov 2019 7:19PM

I would like to blame anything I write that looks strange on brain damage, but it's just that opposite-word thing, and I usually catch it. So don't give me too much slack...


mike_hales Wed 6 Nov 2019 2:11PM

Well, it seems the OAN has a CEO who is

excited for the opportunity for The Open Application Network to own this space and start building solutions for these businesses.

So that sounds pretty corporate and Silicon Valley to me? My hunch would be, it’s another GitHub situation in the making, where some entrepreneur/s (name of Matt Spoke, it seems) is hoping to build a nice bit of monetisable eProperty. OAN is to OAE, as Uber and Facebook are to Sharing Economy?

They have ‘a digital asset’ called AiON. They have a non-profit foundation to ‘maintain standards’. They have business partners. I would hazard a guess this is AN Other tech startup.

Does anyone have time to monitor them some more? Their website is


Graham Wed 6 Nov 2019 2:22PM

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