Wed 6 Jun 2018 1:53PM

June/July Meetup

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Thread to discuss next meetup date, venue, agenda.

Please indicate if you're free on the poll: https://www.loomio.org/p/RAtGDnNP/time-of-next-meetup


RoryG Wed 6 Jun 2018 2:01PM

I propose we stick to the agenda we had last time ie a film / documentary showing followed by a discussion.


Nick S Wed 13 Jun 2018 8:47PM

Any particular ones? We don't have a big list yet (it's here).

There's the Sarantaporo mesh-wifi film, although perhaps we should wait for @pennytravlou to return for that. Tangentially, I know someone in Edinburgh Hacklab who has a business something to do with (I think) mesh wifi in remote places, I may ask if he's got any interest in coming to that showing.

I'd like to plan, say, three months of meetings in advance, then post some fliers for the group listing them in places which might get some interest.


RoryG Thu 28 Jun 2018 10:28AM

I like the sound of the mesh network / community broadband one, I remember a talk from someone (I think Dundee uni) doing Mazi zone stuff: http://www.mazizone.eu

Also, yep a bit more advance to plan is probably good, especially when people are off on holidays and whatnot (Eg myself, I just got back from Greece). OK, how about choosing a date for August/beginning of September?


Nick S Sat 30 Jun 2018 10:35PM

Ok. Planning meeting Monday as per last poll? Or do it online?


Nick S Sat 30 Jun 2018 10:36PM

Also, someone I know from the Hacklab is involved with this:



RoryG Mon 2 Jul 2018 10:50AM

Yep, let's do online.

30 Jun 2018, 23:35 by notifications@loomio.org:


Nick S Sat 11 Aug 2018 3:00PM

It's no longer July, but @dougwebb (https://mastodon.xyz/@douginamug) is interested and in town until mid next week I believe, in case we want to have an impromptu meeting? If so I think it might need to be say, Monday?

@andrewdrummond, just to introduce you, Doug seems to be helping to run a hacker space/housing coop in a small town in Germany, maybe a bit like you are in north Scotland.


Andrew Drummond Sun 12 Aug 2018 1:46PM

@wulee I'd love to chat, but have to meet someone else up here tomorrow and can't generally make it down to the central belt on short notice.
It seems that Diaspora and Mastodon don't federate AFAICT :slight_frown:
By the way, are there any Glaswegians in this group?


Nick S Sun 12 Aug 2018 3:13PM

I understand it's a bit far to come on short notice. I'm just pointing out somewhat aligned aims!

I also didn't know you were on Diaspora. I don't generally use social media, but I made an exception for social.coop because the project of member-run social media was interesting in its own right, and so far I haven't regretted it because there are a lot of interesting conversations there and in the members' Loomio group. It is a shame Disapora doesn't federate with ActivityPub (yet?)

As for Glaswegians, there's @gordonmartin1, @louisescott, and @roryg knows some who are reportedly interested in the idea but haven't signed up to this group so far.