Experiment with engaging with your supporters here on Ideaspace

LF Luke Flegg Public Seen by 192

You guys are super busy and this is super new. But you already spend a lot of time communicating with your supporters, and this could be more time efficient and more productive.

Especially if this gradually became the place we point people to, in order to share their helpful ideas.

• A place to supporters to feel heard and included.
• A way to build trust and help inform supporters.
• Ultimately strengthening relationships
and making us more informed and inspired in supporting The Real Junk Food Project.


The RJFP team + supporters can both start threads (and actionable proposals inside those threads). Threads could be a challenge/ question or idea that's heading toward an actionable proposal.
Giving reasons for your opinion when you vote is helpful :thumbup: :thumbdown:

I'd love to see if it's helpful!