CCANZ Project Plan 2016

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Looking forward to 2016, we thought we'd share our draft projects plan for the year. Once the projects are finalised and prioritised, we'll create and distribute short project plans, which will outline just what we plan to do, and what sort of help we'll need.

Some things to note:

  • The projects list is highly dependent on funding (which, as ever, is not guaranteed post June 2016).

  • Even with existing funding, we'll have to prioritise. This thread is the first step to setting those priorities.

  • However, we'll also be increasingly looking for project-based funding, to help strengthen some neglected areas (like open data).

  • As ever, we (the staff) will need help to scale this work. We'll be looking at defining how folks can help, and providing resources and support to make it as easy as possible to do so.

  • This project list is 'evergreen' (to borrow terminology from our hosts). We can adapt and modify our plans as our situation changes and new opportunities arise.


Matt McGregor Sun 4 Oct 2015 10:03PM

The project plan can be found on Google sheets, below. I've also attached a copy in .ods and .pdf.



Danyl Strype Mon 5 Oct 2015 3:19AM

That looks like a massive workload! One suggestion, how about creating a subgroup of this Loomio group for each area of work? That way people could join the subgroup(s) most relevant to their interest in CC, and have focused discussions about CC progress in their sector(s). Loomio now allows people with a Loomio.org account to join a subgroup even if they don't join the main group, so that could allow people to join their sectoral subgroup without necessarily having to wade through the threads about what is going on in CC ANZ generally (although they might join the email list for potted updates).

BTW Just out of curiosity, why Google Sheets and not the CC wiki?


Matt McGregor Mon 5 Oct 2015 4:57AM

The plan is definitely to split each project into its own thread, though subgroups are interesting idea, as well. My plan was to see what people thought on the macro level - i.e. anything we're missing or ought to prioritise - before splitting it up into threads, and then reporting into that thread as we make progress. Would subgroups dilute the group too much? I suppose it depends how many people join the group.

I was just using sheets as a drafting tool - it's shared from there as a time-saver, though that won't be its permanent home. In the future, we'll transition to an etherpad for these drafts, and then move to the wiki as a more stable home. The CC Wiki's just been updated, so hopefully will be less prone to spam now.


Matt McGregor Mon 5 Oct 2015 5:03AM

On the workload - that list would definitely be a stretch. We're doing about 75% of that already to an extent..As some projects become established, the work does become more routine, and we get more efficient at it. And there are some things you don't need to do twice - for example, once you've made some introductory resources for a sector, they only need to be adapted / reprinted / expanded. And the workshops / outreach process also gets more streamlined.


Matt McGregor Tue 20 Oct 2015 10:33AM

In November, we're going to break this out into individual workplans - with the caveat that we may not have the capacity to do everything we wish. But we'll remain open for input into these plans until they're done.


Matt McGregor Wed 18 Nov 2015 12:49AM

Quick update: at the next panel meeting (scheduled for 30 November), I'm going to submit this roadmap (with minor tweaks of wording, and a few additional bits and pieces) with each project prioritised 1, 2 and 3. This is intended to clarify the decisions Elizabeth and I make on what to tackle on a day-to-day basis. I'll share this after the meeting in December.

We're also running behind on the workplans for each project. We're going to spend some time on that in December instead.

As always, these plans will be evergreen, and may have to be revised as our commitments to funders change, and the funding levels themselves rise or fall.