Sun 18 Dec 2016 9:11AM

Survey reports

MA Mark Amery Public Seen by 271

This is a suggested thread for reports on how we're going with the survey so we're not in the dark.


Mark Amery Sun 18 Dec 2016 9:13AM

10pm Sunday 6 hours in and we have a great start. 44 responses to the survey - and I attach some screenshots. We've had a few emails also interested in investing.


Mark Amery Wed 21 Dec 2016 4:54PM

Hi all, just noting as the DomPost day dawns and we started to get emails offering help from Stuff publishing that I've updated the Survey to enable those outside the village to feel included in terms of answering the investment questions. If we want to decide down the track that we're only interested in Paekakariki investors that shouldnt stop us collecting this data. I will aim to publish a report from Survey Monkey and share it here Friday/Saturday. Currently we stand at 100 responses. It feels like its been a very strong way to capture feedback for PHT.


Tina Pope Fri 23 Dec 2016 7:29PM

Cookie has offered to help with drafting future surveys @markamery . Just capturing this here